Video blog of Ilai Michaeli

Our operating system works against us instead of for us

Not the programming of the conscious and the subconscious but synchronization

Introduction to the Sync Program for Success

The hidden cause of explosions in an undesirable result

The triangle that determines the result

Are we always responsible for our outcome

The quickest way to success

We live a reality that is an illusion

The difference between the symptom and the root of our result

When things seem to fall apart, they may actually work out

We attract to our lives the opposite of what we want

Stop living the lives of others

Perfection is the lowest standard of achievement

This is a prerequisite for our success

A problem that has arisen in the present is a question waiting to be answered

Sometimes things are just as they seem

Conflict can only exist with your participation

We are angry because we want to be right

Live in the present because it is the only time that exists

We live a reality that is an illusion

How to free yourself from your own prison

If you want something it means you can

Change happens in an instant and resistance to change can last a lifetime

Why we're angry

There is no coincidence but a goal we have not yet understood

Life does not happen to you but to you

Do we have control over our lives

The future affects the present just as much as the past

To be successful you have to face resistance

The obvious and hidden reason for the gap between what is desired and what is found

The way we see the problem is the problem

One has to give up the imaginary to get the real one