You were born forever…
But you Programmed to fail!


מריונטה בידי תכנות תת-מודע


The discovery Revolutionary !

Studies in the field Neurology (brain research)

andEpigenetics (Outside gardens)


The root cause The result She

Synchronizing Energetic between our subconscious mind !

Without him we are Stuck In unwanted results With Lots of frustration and pain…

Please take a few minutes to read this article
Because this information has A crucial influence About your results!

In fact, most of us have no idea how programmed we are to "run on automatic,"
And what a huge percentage of our lives today are complex
M"to execute"What we programmed to do years ago.


Our perception of our world, our social values and even our sense of self
These are all products of forces that were in effect In 100% beyond our control As children
(Parents, teachers, etc.).

Sad to say, most of us are rare Really "original" thought.


So, though We were born with great abilities To success,
To accomplishments and the opportunity to live a wonderful life,
We are just as real Programmed to fail.


If you are like most people, you live what is called my life "Second hand",

Arrives and closes holes day by day, and from the cradle to the grave…
In thinking and doing things you were Externally programmed Thinking, believing and doing…
And all along you are convinced that you are living the Your "smile".


why Highlight About this point?

Because, until we understand which Little control We really have our lives so far,

We will never understand:

1. The damage done to us Without our knowledge or permission

2. The importance of Fix The damage

3. The immense power that there is us to do this


Fact ! 
You have Forces You don't even imagine you have!

You are simple Do not know It still is.

It can be thought material Pretty heavy,
but the first step To exert your immense powers
he to understand why You couldn't do that before.


Who you are right now, who you've been all your life - it's a product of External forces
Which is possible Your goodness It was not their first thing

And / or those who have passed on to you The cargoes they carried,
And they may have caused you Great damage to self-image And for your self-confidence
When you were Too young, And unable to fight Against it or even Know this.


As a result, most of us are simple No idea Who we really are,
Not to mention who we are can to be.

It may be our great personal potential Will never be revealed To us or others.

Instead, we are Stuck unnecessarily In an unhealthy body we don't usually like,
And "participants" in unhappy life Most of which we don't really like.


We never understood the problem, let alone the way Fix it.

And all because of their actions Missing The thought, the sensitivity and the awareness of People around us,
Who in turn lived their lives under the influence of Automatic subconscious programming.

And so it goes on, from generation to generation


No wonder the world looks the way it looks.

No wonder our lives look the way they look.


And yet, we are Suffering quietly,

Hope we can get through it safely another day and another day.

Are they really alive?

Doesn't look like that.

but what We can do that About that ?

Much more than you think!


We are not free!

To succeed in life you must understand it!

You may believe that you are free, but in reality,
you are more Far from being free Than you guess.


You may believe you have Freedom of choice,

And at that level of reality Right

But the choices you make Again and again they No awareness
But rather Automatic choices Cabling !



חוסר אונים


The truth is that we act on it automaton (Like a robot) !

Subconscious programming Yours started at birth (actually still in the womb), and continues to this day.

Just like a computer, you are programmed to respond in a way Mechanical and automatic To the world around you,
According to the beliefs Programmed in you A long time ago.


As a result, you're just running on "auto pilot".

Just like the dog who goes wild when he hears
The owner's car door slam coming home,
so You are programmed Do… everything that you do.


You are in fact, A unique collection of habit-behaviors are taught,
Some of which are very helpful and some may be Very harmful And even devastating.


The question is whether programming Current Your creating a happy life for you?

Please understand, none of that Not your fault.

But this one Your reality.

And if something is going to change, it's going to be The responsibility your.


The good news is you can be Free!

But there are a number of things you will need to do To get to that.


First, you must take part Active in the process.

To become The programmer.

You must take responsibility Towards the future of Your life.


Okay, now when The identity of the problem is starting to become clear ...

How do you go from here?

The joyous truth is that everything learned can be learned again.

Whatever the software can be Reprogrammed.

Best of all, Any damage done can be repaired!


Note, no one Can't do it for you,

And yet you are Can't do it alone… You have Get help.

If you are really ready Stop being a victim Of your past,
And start playing Active role In the making Your future,
So the sky is really the limit!


If you're tired of life that "Old subconscious programming"Created for you,

Note !

What is the To be exposed to you Later on
method unit In Israel combining Techniques Advanced And simple
In order to return the steering wheelJ.sea your,
Return you The control About your life
And outline the route that will take you wherever you areare you want to go ! 


You can reachStunning results Let you and others be amazed!


The good news is: You are now, and you've always been the "programmer"!


The liberating truth is that no programming exists in you Cannot be created,
To exist or idle without Your personal consent - Regardless of when consent was given
(Or how level it was Unconscious).


We always are The programmers !

This is true That external influences (Parents, teachers, etc.)
Have played An important role In your navigation, move closer or away from certain beliefs.

But, the mother External affects Which are the most powerful?

definitely not !


For example, if you were told to jump from a tall building, would you do it?
Probably not.

If your parents told you to do it, would it go over your radar?

Probably not.

What if your parents told you to eat poison or shards of glass, would you?

Absolutely not.


At the same time, suggestions and beliefs that weren't so "obvious" that they are Devastating,
Pass the radar During your childhood,
And they still live inside you today,
As subconscious programming
And you think it is Your destiny…

It's not fate - it's just subconscious programming!


So what The secret?

How are we Facilities The "mess" we live in?


Need to understand, your old plans are now Habits.
But this all What they are.

They are not "life sentences"!


it's important to remember: we The programmers!


Do you Can to succeed ?


Yes. You can succeed. 

For this you need to learn the tools Appropriate,
Todo exercises
And get support Exactly in process.


there is no Shortcuts…


Now, it totally depends in you…

How much you want to succeed,
andAre you ready to get help To speed up the process?


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You asked key to Success

Why people Stuck In an undesirable result ?

Relationships… Money… Relationships… Careers / Business…

Insecurity… Fears… Procrastination… Anxiety… Health…


the answer The real one
Because not carers In the cause The root The result!

What is the The reason The root The result?

The discovery Revolutionary

of Studies in the field Epigenetics (Outside gardens)


The reason The root The result She

Synchronizing Energetic between our subconscious mind !

Without him we are Stuck In unwanted results With Lots of frustration and pain…


A without me In Israel

Accept A complete solution For the reason The root The result:

Synchronizing Energetic between our subconscious mind