A revolutionary method cracked up
the Hidden Cause that determines 97% From our result!

Get for free the sentence that blocks your success and you are not aware that you say it every day!

We are not the result we want
As a result we really do not want?

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The real problem!
(Nobody talks about it)

We can't get the result we want
Not because we're not good enough and not because it's our destiny

But rather
Because we are focused Only in the cause The visible that determines 3% from the result
And no
In the cause Cause that determines 97% From the result…

Imagine now…
You get the 1st thing that gives you control 97% From the result,
And suddenly you get admirable results 
And you feel your fate for the first time your!
(Don't believe it! Check to verify it ...)

The result has 2 Factors

Factor Nsecret
 ROOT of the result

Factor overt

It is customary to think Root The result is the subconscious.
It's a mistake!
This subconscious is just that Smooth From root The result…

Scientific Studies  
In neurology (brain research) 
And epigenetics (outside gardens)


95-99% From time to time we are

1. Automatically triggered by trigger (programming) Unconscious

2. Do not control Consciously in real time


97% of the time there is no Synchronizing Between our subconscious mind
there is no We have control over 97% From our result !!

Universe Law
To control the result you have to control At root (97%) The result.

Between the subconscious mind gives us control over 
97% From the result
And creator 
97% Success In our result.

of the Problem
She There is none One technique that creates
Synchronizing between our conscious and subconscious mind

Because every technique Overrides the problem
manipulation About the symptom
(E.g., treatment In fear instead of In the cause to be scared of)
Just touches In one of 2 roots of the result,
Consciously or Subconsciously At one point ...

And the result

Nothing or partial or temporary solution.

You have tried workshops and trainers using different methods
But again you're back To the same A painful result

It's because you were treated
In symptom
(3% From the result)

Instead of…
Root (cause) The result!

(97% From the result)


The revolutionary method shown below
Works up to 180 degrees from everything you know
(It No CBT, NLP, psychotherapy, meditation or others)
Gives you control over 97% From your result,
Creating 97% Success In your result
And helps you feel That your destiny is in your hands!

In what it is different From others?

This is a solution complete solution The problem!

A To the problem

A For the reason Of the result / problem (conscious + subconscious)  
and not only manipulation About the symptom!

Just not enough to handle
Consciously and / or Subconsciously
But must 
Synchronizing Between our subconscious mind

A complete solution

 For the solution to be complete solution
We must come 
to the Root of the result
By studying

Our life lessons

(Spiritual rise)

To control the outcome we need to control at the ROOT The result!

And for that we need
Connect the parts to Whole
Synchronizing Between our subconscious mind
+ Learning life lessons.


Hi, my name is ILay Michaeli

Among other things, I used to be the mental coach of Maccabi Tel Aviv players
And of the "Mirror" television program cast on Channel 10.

I am an entrepreneur, an eternal disciple and a spirit and deed.

I was exposed to the field of personal development more deeply since 1995
And later (2002) as a result of significant changes
Like business fall and later personal fall,
I studied and researched different areas like the realm of consciousness, Hasidism, science,
The conscious and the subconscious.
(I invested over $ 465,000 in the process)

Because from everything I learned, the results were partial at best 
(contamination In parts of the whole)
I realized that this is because therapists In the symptom of the result
 instead of at the ROOT of the result
And so from 2006 I started to develop A unique cipher that connects the parts to Whole.

this The reason
That people come to me.
(About 1,000 have gone through with me)

They realize they must 
Crack ROOT of the Problem
That would allow them to solve the problem forever And create success Shlomo What they want.

This can be a problem In relationships (Existing or non-existent),
  Or they 'Tearing'Themselves at work And don't bring enough money Home, 
Or negative emotions like Anger, fear and anxiety Run them,
or Procrastination or Lack of assertiveness Stopping them from advancing,
Or they are Other lecturers (And put themselves in last place)
Or a problem Health That suddenly attacked them and more ...

And they tell me that no matter what they do,
They encounter them Barriers And the same result Automatically same as mold
And leaves them Stuck Although The money, time and effort they spent 
In workshops, training and treatments using different methods Like NLP, CBT, psychotherapy, the journey,
And others that use techniques such as guided imagination, meditations and positive statements.

And it makes them feel Frustration and helplessness,
And I understand them because it really is Discouraging You try
Workshops, coaches, therapists, and before anything else you have hope… 
And boom it again Shattered Go inside and you don't understand what The real problem.

If that sounds familiar I understand that,
And this is what I tell them:
if you Stuck In a problematic outcome after everything you did didn't help,
You have to understand That the real reason 
Is that your focus was In manipulation On the Symptom
For example, treatment In fear instead of In the cause of fear
of such ROOT of the result
 only In one of 2 roots of the result 
(The conscious or Subconscious)
And because not You cracked the 2 roots of the result 
And not created Synchronizing between The subconscious mind,
You got a solution at best Temporary parts.

Without me Crack 2 roots Your result, the conscious and the subconscious 
And connect the pieces to Whole By Synchronizing between our conscious and subconscious mind,
That determine 97% From your outcome, you will continue to compromise the outcome and yourself
Despite all your knowledge and skills that are only partially expressed !!

And that's the point
That fell to them The token Who helped them Overcoming the fear
Of doing something else that will make them happy again 
To be disappointed and angry with themselves For having fallen in love again ...
This is the point they realized that everything they had done so far
there were Partial and temporary solutions And here they are Complete Solution.

Smashing a Myth!

Guided imagination, meditations or positive thoughts / statements create a result change.
Not really…
the truth is
 That it's a treat In symptom And creator manipulation On the symptom with a result partially andtemporarily
And so after a while we find that we have wasted time and money And the problem comes back in the same or other hat.

Cracking 2 roots The result (conscious + subconscious) 
And synchronization Including
 creator Fixed result change Over time!

and hence 
For 13 years 

I developed the Method FACTOR 97% 

Who handles In the cause The result, at the ROOT And not just the symptom,
Synchronizing Of the conscious and subconscious + Learning Life lessons.

The method gives people control over 97% From the result 
And creates 
97% Success In their result!

One of the things I hear from people over and over That use the unique method
(A small portion of the evidence appears in the evidence below) 
It's a feeling Happiness That they experience as a result of finally having them
The freedom to control their results and feel That their destiny is in their hands!

Just before the revolutionary solution

Let's find out what the consequences of not solving the problem are?

It is very important that you understand why you did not succeed today and what the good way is
It's best to solve the problem once and for all, but a minute before, it's important
Even more to understand the consequences of not solving the problem…

Let's take a few examples

The same one who fails to develop a suitable couple relationship or goes from relationship to relationship
With men who disrespect or disrespect her andThink something is wrong with her ...
Although she went through different workshops and treatments then Settling on herself!

Or the one that at the end of the month is in the harsh minus of NIS 13,000
Although he has been "tearing" himself at work for years, devoting himself to a boss or clients,
And the financial situation is only getting worse and is not bringing enough money home…
Although he underwent various workshops and treatments
And then he is Think it is his destiny and reconciles with Mr. Fate!

Or someone who repeatedly hurts the consequences of himself and the people he is
Most loved because it is dominated by anger or anxiety or fear
Although he underwent various workshops and treatments
and then Live in guilt ... and lack of self-realization!

Or someone who sets himself a goal and time after time fails
Achieve it… or reach a point where it is no longer advanced
Although he went through various workshops and treatments then He raises hands!

When people live with failure, at some point they believe 

"Something about me is wrong"
“I don’t deserve a loving partner And respect "
"Parity can't work for me"
"I Dont Deserve it Be rich "
"I'm not good enough" And more ...

Which is a total lie by the way, but for them it's the truth!

The consequences of these thoughts are that instead of solving the problem
is a Spreads as a metastatic and hits other areas of life like parity,
Relationships with children and family, work, health and more!

In conclusion,

The price of the change is a heavy price Emotional, economic and health…

important to emphasize,
99% from the chronic health problems originated from an emotional problem…


When you understood The consequences of not solving the problem Let's solve
This is once and for all and I'll immediately show you how and more than that, I'll order
You experience Demo result To amaze you without any risk on your part,
Even before you commit to any process at all to be sure
of such The right solution For you.

A revolutionary method

Combining science and spirituality

Gives you 97% Success In your result!

Parity | Career | Relationships | Money | health

As seen inישראל היום, The Marker, הארץ, nrg

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The unique mechanism Of the method is
3 Mind ™ keys
3 most advanced processes To create Synchronizing Of the conscious and subconscious of success
That combine unique techniques from The 3 dimensions, mental, emotional and energetic
Connecting the parts to Whole And let you get the result you want.

Key 1
Synchronizing The conscious

of the Result:
Real-time control In what runs you 
Which leads you to awe-inspiring results
Learning your life lessons
(Spiritual rise)

Key 2
Synchronizing Subconscious

of the Result:
Stop the injury The destructive present
Survival programming that you carry from the past

Learning your life lessons
(Spiritual rise)

Key 3
Synchronizing between our conscious and subconscious mind

of the Result:
Programming for success In the future that gives you
The feeling that your destiny is in your hands

Learning your life lessons
(Spiritual rise)

(there is no use of techniques such as NLP, Guided Imagery, Positive Statements, Meditations, or other familiar ones)

"A new reality is being created only By Removing the cause of the existing reality…"
~ Supreme Michaeli

Why choose this method compared to all others?

the road The unit To control your result is to crack the 2 roots The result.

This is the method The unit That helps you crack 2 roots The result by connecting the parts to Whole:
Synchronizing Energetic of the conscious and subconscious of success + Learning Life lessons your.

The key value

It's not just therapy In symptom
But treatment of 2 roots of the result
That gives you Control your score in real time
And maximize your success to97% success

You'll need more solutions or workshops later ... because you have A complete solution.


מה השיטה איתה הוא עובד? זה לא השיטה. זה האדם! התדר בו הוא נמצא. האמת הפנימית שהוא מצליח לחיות על פיה. נסיון חייו שהביאו אותו לפתח משהו שיש בו כלים פשוטים אך ששילובם הנכון ודרך העבודה לא מאפשרים לך לברוח מההתמודדות ומסייעים לך לעבור אותה. הוא לא נראה מורה רוחני באופן המוכר וגם לא מדבר או מתנהג כך. הוא משלב רוחניות וכלים מעשיים שיחד יוצרים סנכרון בין מודע לתת מודע ובעיקר מחברים אותך לאמת שלך. לשיעורי החיים שלך, למסר שהם מביאים ולהוצאתו לפועל. הוא לא אדם דתי אך יותר מאמין, מחובר, ישר ואמיתי מכל אדם דתי שהכרתי.
התוכנית מטפלת בסיבה ולא בבעיה והתוצאוות הן מיידיות ומתגמלות. עינת.
חייבת לך את הזוגיות המדהימה שלי. אתה בעיני המאמן הכי טוב שאי פעם פגשתי, ואני לא אומרת את זה בשביל הפוסט אלא באמת מהלב. לא קל איתך אבל זה לא באמת משנה אם התוצאה השפיעה על חיי לשנים קדימה
אני מחלק את חיי לשניים, לפני ואחרי התוכנית.
לאחר פגישות עם מומחי CBT, פסיכולוגים, מומחי EMDR, התוכנית הצליחה להביא אותי למצב נפשי, ערות ושליטה שאף אחד לא הצליח להביא אותי לפני כן. ~ אילן - מנהל חב' הייטק
עילאי יקר, כל כך יקר, בזכותך התגברתי על משבר בריאותי גדול וחזרתי לאיתני. מקווה שאוכל לממש זאת, בתחומים אחרים בחיי. תודה וחג שמח
100% אחריות ליעילות הטכניקות

There is much more evidence, but they are less important to you, because the testimonies of others do not guarantee to you nothing…

I want to be Yes, I have no way to guarantee a certain result,
But whatever - I guarantee that if you apply the revolutionary method
It will allow you Control your emotions and your results in time REAL Time! 

And about The effectiveness of the techniques To help you achieve this result I give 100% Warranty!

My way of letting you feel Confidence that you made the right decision
is by Experiment with some of the process in the first week 
and getting Real Time Results REAL Time that will give you 100% Confidence that it works For YOU.

Because It is important to me To know that only if I helped you And I gave you A real tool That helps you control your score,
Only then will I be proper For the consideration I ask for.

2 benefits!
1. Synchronizing Between your subconscious mind.

2. Study Your life lessons.

2 cons!
 1. Need to invest In practicing the techniques about- 45 minutes average on the day.
2. Must to cope With difficulties that arise.

It fits
For those who want the 2 advantages and ready to accept the 2 disadvantages.

Why now?

Because if not solve the problem now
It spreads as a metastatic and hits other areas of life like parity,
Relationships with children and family, work, health and more!

In conclusion

You are here because of something in your life
Not as you would like.
So you know where you are now and probably know where you want to go.
The only thing left is how do you get there?
Today, you have the opportunity to receive the The 1st thing to take you there
Better than anything!

* Anyone can apply this method
* Invest an average of 45 minutes a day
* Guiding that is Personall and Accurate To YOU
* Allows you to control the result in REAL Time
* Begin to see result changes Within A DAY!

Imagine yourself Controlling Your Results and Feeling That your Destiny is in Your Hands.

The High Center
to SYNC - the conscious and the subconscious mind to Success

97% Success In your result!

A plan for success in life

3 months with precise intent


97% FACTOR, this one A precise and prestigious program in terms of value and price, customized for you to control at the ROOT of the result And good luck your: Synchronizing of the Conscious and Subconscious to SUCCESS + Learning Life lessons your!

"Sometimes I think we have an unfair advantage over anyone who has not experienced this program and has not received these admirable tools."
"The lessons that people learn in this process usually don't learn during their entire lifetime."
"The program addresses the cause rather than the problem and the results are immediate and rewarding."

Cracking your root cause

Demo session


Experience a unique technique from 97% FACTOR, An exclusive revolutionary method of its kind to SYNC Of the conscious and subconscious of success And getting a result Energetic cleaning in real time You will be amazed!

"I don't know who to believe ... Everybody presents himself as an expert.
So we customers have no way of knowing that we are making the right decision, even if there is a lot of evidence, because it does not guarantee us similar results or results…
What I liked about you is that all those background noises are muted and you allow me to experiment and experience my true result and then decide if it's right for me. "

"You were born a source. Don't live like a copy ..."
~ Supreme Michaeli

What's the result you want?
If you want 97% Success In your result
Call 03-6969221 
And a short 15 minute call is set up to see if I can help you.
If so - determine what conditions will help you achieve 97% Success.