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The secret to being afraid to release opinions

The secret to being afraid to release opinions.

In Africa, the natives used to catch monkeys by a very creative method.

They drained coconut by creating a small hole at one end that barely suffices near a monkey's hand.

They put a few peanuts inside and tied the coconut at the other end.

When the monkey discovers the peanuts he puts his hand in and grabs them,
But the narrow hole allows the punch to come out ...

Then the natives pull the rope and grab the monkey,
That doesn't release the peanuts, and get trapped inside!

So are we 95% of the time…

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אני מבוסס עתיד

The secret to active empowerment

The secret to active empowerment.

In order to succeed in any area of life,
We need to "empower" ourselves regularly.

Here is a definition for empowerment:
Give myself permission to choose to change,
In order to realize my full potential.

How to reach self-realization?

First we need to understand as we think, so we are.
The way we thought 10 years ago,
5 years or last year is probably outdated.
The world around us is constantly changing.

    The question is not:
"Do things outside of us change?"

    But rather:
"Are things in us changing?"

Here are 3 essential skills for self-realization:

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עץ החיים

Everything is relative and not self-evident

Everything is relative and not self-evident.

There is a famous saying that says:
"The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence."

Sometimes, humans are unhappy with what they have.
They want more, which is completely natural,
But they forget that nobody owes them anything

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תירוצים או תוצאות

Excuses or results

Excuses or results.

One of the strongest concepts of personal development
Is a responsibility.

It is also one of the most difficult obstacles for people to understand.
No one likes to be responsible for areas of life that do not work to our satisfaction.

Relationships, money, health, joy, anything has an external cause. 
We do not call these reasons excuses, but we define them as explanations
And we also usually believe them…

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Control your life

Control your life.

Being us usually starts with the courage not to please others.

The attempt to change ourselves in order to please others
So that we can temporarily feel complete that we have been approved,
It's like cutting a flower to fit a vase ...

Stop believing in your weaknesses.  

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זמן חיים

You are in the game of life

You are in the game of life.

"We didn't lose the game - we just ran out of time."
~ Vince Lombardi (Famous American Football Coach)

"I'm running out of time" at a football game is one thing.
"I'm running out of time" in the game of life is something else entirely.

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Identify your habits

Identify your habits.

Most people misinterpret
The meaning of their habits.

Habits are simply behaviors that show us
How we operate on the inner and outer levels.

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כל אחד יכול

The life of who you live

Whose life are you living?

The best place to start living a wonderful life
Is to look honestly at your life now.

It's not about judging yourself here. 
This is a simple statement from you, to yourself, about your current situation. 

This honest point of view will be the basis for a huge step in your self-awareness.

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