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Want to be right

Want to be right?

Be right. 

Is that a goal in itself?
For a lot of people, yes!

So why do people want to be right (sometimes at a heavy price)?

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Are you really alive

Are you really alive?

"Quality, not human longevity, is what matters." 
~ Dr. Martin Lotter King  

There are people in this world who live to the age of 80, 90 even 100
But they didn't really live for one day.

What does that mean ?

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Is positive thought responsible for everything

Is positive thought responsible for everything?

What exactly can a positive thought do?

To be direct, there are people who have made a bad name for the positive thought.

I disagree with the statement that says
That positive thought will allow you to do "everything"
And responsible for creating reality.

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How painful it must be

How painful should it be?

"If you don't make a change, in the end reality will force that change on you."
- Stuart Wild

How painful should it be until we understand it?

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Do you fall into this trap

Do you fall into this trap?

People usually look at the success of others in anger and jealousy.

They think to themselves,
"They're just lucky"
"These idiotic rich."

It's a trap!

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The waiting game

The waiting game.

Do you play the waiting game?

Many of us do…

We believe that…
We will only be happy when we find the right person…
We will only develop when we find the right job…
We will only feel better when the other is punished…

Mistake !

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The secret of your choice

The secret of your choice.

There are two known choices in life:
1. Accept the circumstances of life as they are.
2. Accept the responsibility to change them.

I want to show you a third option and it's called:
The double choice - the choice to release our feelings about it

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