The 3 Sync Keys to Success

מיומנות העל לשליטה ברגשות בהתנהגות ובתוצאה

"This is the most important workshop of all!" - Mickey

"When I told my close friends that I was signing up for a workshop to maximize my potential, they raised an eyebrow and looked at me with a skeptical look…
I understood their skepticism about me, because they are already so used to Mickey telling them that she is "going to go through a workshop"… Another workshop… Another workshop… And from each workshop she (Mickey) comes out with a mood and lots of energy, …
And really, I have been through almost everything… workshops at the two largest companies in the country in the field of personal development and even personal training at the largest coaching company in Israel, and all this to improve the results in my personal and professional life.

This time, I explained to them, I must attend, because this is the most important workshop of all!

And when they asked me, during the workshop, what is different about the essence of this ultimate workshop from the other workshops - this is what I explained to them:
Look, friend… In all the previous workshops and in personal training I bought a lot of toolboxes, of all kinds and types.
All the tools I have in the crates - very important!
Now - let's see: Suppose my toolbox has a screwdriver.
I was taught what a screwdriver is.
Today I know that a screwdriver is designed to screw a screw.
They even showed me and demonstrated how to do it.
I was given written explanations with accompanying pictures using the "step by step" method.
Then I came home, happy about the new and wonderful toolbox I had purchased for myself, and discovered over time one hard and unfortunate fact:
Every time I wanted to open my new toolbox, and take the screwdriver to tighten a screw - I found that…
"My hand is paralyzed"…
And what benefit do I have from all the tools, if my hand is paralyzed and I can not apply anything ???
I sat like this in front of the toolboxes I bought and realized that I need to take care of curing this paralysis by hand… otherwise no tools will help me…

I came to "cure" this paralysis in my hand in the program of Ilai Michaeli…
And you know what ???
I already have a feeling at my fingertips !!!
And to you, Supreme, thank you so much. For the determination and the many hours you invest in us. "