3 Keys to Synchronize Success

100% control over thoughts, feelings and behavior

כלא החיים העצמיים

One of the reasons for the blasts

- The use of male language is for convenience -

Life Insight + 1 minute practice for success
The practice of success appears below after the insight


- The use of male language is for convenience -


Life Insight + 1 minute practice for success

The practice of success appears below after the insight


One of the reasons for the blasts


אחת הסיבות לתקיעות


One of the reasons we sometimes feel Stuck,

Is because we want to Too little (think too small). 


We don't consider ourselves enough to To think big,

Or we become 'cautious' And settle for less…  
In short, we forget to dream!
And our request size dictates The size of the spiritual receptacle,
Which means if we keep what That we want,
is a restrictive Very much the amount of light we can bring to our lives.  


And when that happens we feel Sad and may get into depression.


Start wanting More ! 

Decide now What do you really want!
And move towards it Through planning
And finding help To help you Clearly and sharply
andIncreasingly For every barrier (and there will be barriers to try to stop you)
through For your important purpose!
By the way, the reason The root The gap between our (true) desires
ToGoals we actually set are
Lack Synchronizing Among our subconscious mind ...



Meanwhile, waking up exercise:


Warning against 2 destructive traps !


trap Knowledge!
Don't fall
 To trap Knowledge of "I already know that"
Because Knowledge gives you nothing, Ничего, Rien, Nada, لا شئ, Nothing…

Impressive results are only achieved by me Application (True) of knowledge (true)!
(Most people who think it's irrelevant to them, most In need To that)


trap Faith!
Don't fall
 To trap Faith of "It doesn't look right / it's too simple, etc."
Because Faith comes Following Results… so You don't have to believe, Check it out Then decide!


So… if you want Progress For results
Take a minute to think And answer the following success practice…


Practice 1 minute to your success!

(It Awakening exercise And not what you learn in the program…)


Focus on an important goal for you…

And answer the question:
Is that really all I want
Or is that what I believe I can?


Want to get some practical benefit?

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What is the to take From insight and practice to success
And what can you do? Do to benefit now
And I'll respond to you personally ...



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We were born forever ...

But we are Programmed to fail!


If you were told that you control less than 101 TP1T
From your results that you are enabled in the template survival
And ... you have no chance of significantly changing it 
But rather only If you control In a hidden factor - Would you believe that?

this The truth Whether you believe it or not…


In the next few minutes, I will reveal to you 

how Improve Pi X Any result you choose !

עילאי מיכאלי - גורם ה-97%®


Very pleasant, my name is supreme.

I know you came here because you are wants to Better results.

Now look, regardless To the level Your results, studies show
That control Our results are much more Low From what it looks like
To us, an average of 9% Although ours looks like 70-80%…


Do you want to improve your results by X?

The more your control In the factors of the result Doing so will improve the result.
for example,
If you want to improve your score 3x 
are you have to Improve your control In the factors of the result times 3.

I will reveal it to you now Revolutionary formula That you give
Control of95% From factors The results In your personal and professional life
And more than that, I'll give you a chance experience In some of this formula
Symbolic ownership and full responsibility to experience outcome You'll be amazed you !

All this later…


How do your personal and professional lives progress?

Is it going are good As you dreamed?
Have you encountered in trouble That you can't solve?
Does it make you frustration ?


Let's see, what causes to you Stress and worry?

Is that a problem In relationships Do you exist or maybe you can't develop a relationship?
Maybe you're 'tearing' yourself off at work and not bringing enough Of money Home?
Or negative emotions like Anger, fear or anxiety Are you running?
Maybe Procrastination or lack of confidence or Adds assertiveness Are you arrested?
or Stuck In a particular area makes you feel blocked?
Maybe a sense of Loss of control What happens to you?

Or maybe you feel Lack of realization or Lack of joy in life


And how did you try to solve it to this day?

What you have done to date to solve this problem is that you may have tried it yourself
Reading books, or maybe you went to therapists or coaches, maybe you did workshops
And various courses and you invested thousands of shekels and lots of time and lots of hope
(After some of them promised you mountains and hills) and as I can see
Many people may even have seen a change for a while.

and then…
The unwanted result Returning For herself (and with her disappointment) as if there were
Hidden power blocking you…

And as you try more solutions Without success
of the Problem Aggravated And the feelings of frustration and helplessness
There are also growing feelings of fear (what will be) and despair…


And I know that more than anything else you want to solve One thing
And forever
And control the results Like doing things you dared not do before,
Be in the relationships you love and love, see numbers in your bank account
That you've always dreamed of, downloading the last 5 or 10 pounds that you can't download,
Get rid of the stress that destroys the lives and health of us all, to achieve goals
As you have never achieved and feel the satisfaction and joy of life…
(By the way, at this point they will start Admire you)


Right ?


Imagine controlling your results And feel that your destiny is in your hands your.

The result This one We are aiming.


Before, let's find out what the consequences of not solving the problem are?

It is very important that you understand why you did not succeed today and what the good way is
most Solve the problem Once and for all, but a minute before, it's important
Even more you understand The consequences Of not solving the problem…


In my experience in the last 13 years, people who have a problem but don't solve it
What happens is that problems don't go away on their own Aggravating and managing
We have life and they also have it Implications Serious in other areas of life…


Let's take a few examples

The one who fails to develop a relationship or goes from relationship to relationship
With men who disrespect or underestimate a
And tea And think something is wrong with her ...
And compromising herself!


Or the one that at the end of the month is in the harsh minus of NIS 13,000
Although he has been "tearing" himself at work for years, devoting himself to a boss or clients,
And the financial situation is only getting worse and is not bringing enough money home…
Then he thinks it's his destiny and agrees with Mr. his fate!


Or someone who repeatedly hurts the consequences of himself and the people he is
Most loved because it is dominated by anger or anxiety or fear And live
Feeling guilty ... and lack of self-actualization!


Or someone who sets himself a goal and time after time fails
Achieve it… or reach a point where it is no longer advanced
No matter how much he tries and what courses or consultants he takes… 
Then he raises his hands!


What is the That is shared It is to these people that at some point they are
Believers "Something about me is wrong" or "I don't deserve a loving partner
And respect "or" parity can't work for me "or" I don't deserve it
Be rich "or" I'm not good enough "and more ...

of such A complete lie By the way, but for them The truth!


The consequences Of these thoughts is that instead of solving the problem
It is pervasive Metastases And harms life More Like parity,
Relationships with children and family, work, health and more!

It is important Emphasize,
99% from chronic health problems originated from an untreated emotional problem…


When you understood The consequences of Non-solution of the Problem Come on We will solve the
This is once and for all and I'll immediately show you how and more than that, I'll order
you Experience a result demo That will amaze you Without any risk On your part,
Even before you commit to any process at all for you to be Sure
of such The right solution For you.



Why didn't you succeed until today?

The mistake

You try Change result By
Postal Code In behavior (Add / Improve knowledge)
Or zip code In the result (Change symptom)
instead of
to focus
at the ROOT of the result
Which is in fact The reason To the problem…

And it causes damage Because for the most part it is Perpetual and profound The problem!


for example
If you have migraines and you take paracetamol it can
Help you reduce or lower your headache.

But then you might think that the paracetamol is it A solution to migraine headaches.
he No
This equator (maybe) Solution to headache (the symptom), but
If you do not take care at the ROOT Migraine problem will deepen and worsen!

As it works In the body, This is how it works too In the soul!


After a while we find out That we wasted Months / years and thousands / tens of thousands
andthe problem is still there


The source of the problem

Your focus he In symptom

instead of

at the ROOT of the result

Focus reversal of the symptom to the Root of the result
Will upgrade th
Your control of the result From -5% to-95% !


The reason for the upgrade

Each result consists of 2 Factors:
1. The visible cause which is the symptom (5%)
2. The hidden factor that is the root (95%)

Most of us focus mainly In the visible cause - the symptom (5%) !


We only control5% (On average) from the result?

It must seem strange to you that your control
Amounts (on average) only to5% From the result
(You must have thought at least 70-80%)
Studies reveal that causes hidden thing Controls95% From the result…



In neurology
(Brain Research - Dr. Gerhard Roth)
(Outside Gardens - Dr. Bruce Lipton)

(Given that we are not aware of)

95-99% of the time
 Workers Enabled In a survival pattern
(instead of Template of success)
Nothing Which is restrictive the of the result Despite the ability
And influences On functioning God-DNA Ours!


"95% From life They do not come from wills but from programmers 
(Usually of limitation)
And we are The only ones who don't see It…"

- Dr. Bruce Lipton - Epigenetics


תראה/י את הוידאו

2:15 minutes



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"99% From what we see Projected from our memory.
only 1% Added by our five physical senses

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Roth - A brain researcher


תראה/י את הוידאו

0:18 minutes



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in order to Control the outcome
(the world The exterior our)

we Must control at the ROOT of the result
(the world The inner our)



2 Dimensions of the Mind
(Conscious + subconscious)


But in practice we have control of
B-Mind conscious
and- 0%
B-The subconscious mind

And becausethere is no Synchronizing between our conscious and subconscious mind
of the result She Stuck or Progress in pace or Unwanted direction!


שורש הבעיה (95%) והפתרון השלם לשורש הבעיה (ולא רק לסימפטום - 15%)


Synchronizing 2 Dimensions of the Mind


control B- 2 DimensionsMind

beginning Control inaware

andSecondly Control inUnconscious

And only then can we turn on The unique method

to SYNC Energetic between the subconscious mind.



The hidden fact!

there is no One technique That creates Synchronizing between The subconscious mind…

for example

Coaching, Scientology, Theta Healing, Humankind, Landmark, Frequency, Aryan Lev Method, EMDR,
Elijah Shiri, Omega, Meditation, Byron Katie, CBT, Journey, Brain 1,
Natalie Ben David - Satya, Mindfulness Mindfulness, Ora Golan Method, Eric Peled Method,
Cy-Psych Psych-K,  
Deutscher Method, Guided Imagination, Awareness - Metaism, NLP

Or others who use techniques Who give (maybe) A partial And symptom relief (result)
such as
Guided Imagination, Meditations, Autosuggestions and Positive Statements…


The Complete Solution Control the outcome
control at the ROOT of the result
2 Dimensions of the Mind

(Conscious + subconscious)


Any technique Therapist (maybe) Only in 1 From 2 dimensions of the Mind (Conscious + subconscious) simultaneously
and hence Does not create Synchronizing between our conscious and subconscious mind But gives (maybe) A partial And symptom relief.


Which is fine as long as you realize it's just an SOS and not a solution to the problem


The more effective the technique In relieving / stopping the symptom It may cause damage bigger !

Why ?

Because most of the time it seems like The problem was solved while it was unsolved (But the symptom)
And so it is driven From us handle at the ROOT The result, Nothing Perpetuating and deepening The problem ...


After a while we find out That we wasted
Months / years and thousands / tens of thousands andthe problem is still there…


In conclusion

The difference between the different solutions:
♦ Others give Symptom solution (partial / temporary solution)
♦ Here you will get A to the Root The result (Solution Complete and permanent)


"A new reality is being created only By Removing the cause of the existing reality…"




People who are searching Magic button or Wonder ball
One day Exalted Their problem
Probably Who will never find it…
(Remember that magic is actually an eye-catcher?)

One has to understand once and for all
To solve any problem and control the results
There are no shortcuts or magic solutions
But should Complete Solution to the Root of the result (The problem)
And there's always an investment of time, energy and money!


So you have 2 options:

1. Get stuck In ongoing frustration Of workshop Other workshop
And from a solution partial or Temporary One another focusing
In the solution to the symptom
Which is 'Patch'…
2. Finally get it A complete solution to the Root of the result That gives you
The freedom Control the results and feel confident and proud!


להיפתח לרבדים העמוקים יותר של החיים


The synchronization revolution for success

After 13 years of development,
I came toRevolutionary formula That you give
control At root (95%) of the result
And brings For significant and fast results improvement 
Because she's focused In the cause Instead of a problem.


הרגשה כאילו מישהו נותן לך מפתח לאזיקים שכובלים אותך. ~ איתן


Multi-dimensional (complete) solution only In Israel

control at the ROOT of the result

The Code

Synchronizing Energetic for success

© Record Creation # 3856

A complete solution control at the ROOT of the result
based on Formula Revolutionary
of 3 processes Individuals In Israel
(With a number of unique techniques)


3 Keys The Mind ™

3 מפתחות ה-Mind

key 1
The Code Present ™ – Re-programming the Mind The conscious

key 2
Code Past ™ – Re-programming the Mind The subconscious

key 3 
Haim Sync ™ Synchronizing between our conscious and subconscious mind



Some of the testimonials from people who made the program:


"The program addresses the cause rather than the problem and the consequences are immediate and rewarding. Einat."

התוכנית מטפלת בסיבה ולא בבעיה והתוצאוות הן מיידיות ומתגמלות. עינת.



"Instead of reducing the number of employees ... I'm tripling ... what I haven't done in the last seven years"

"My sensitivity threshold was sharpened ... and my ability to listen and embrace was strengthened by dozens of counters"

"My relationship with my wife went back to the early days we fell in love with ..."

"The freedom to choose what and how I want to feel and think is endless, amazing and fun without boundaries"

"The house is booming and the children are happy. The impact on the children is huge ..."


במקום לצמצם את מספר העובדים הקיים, בפחות מחודשיים עם מה שלמדתי בסדנה אני משלש את מספר העובדים ואני bookt עד לעוד חצי שנה לפחות. מה שלא הצלחתי לעשות במשך שבע השנים האחרונות. --- סף הרגישות שלי התחדד והיכולת שלי לראות (לאהוב) אנשים וזה לא משנה אם אני מכיר אותם או לא, לחייך להקשיב להודות ולחבק התעצם עשרות מונים. --- אני יכול לתאר איך במשך מספר שבועות בודדים בעזרתו של עילאי עם כמה כלים פשוטים, הקשר שלי עם אשתי חזר לימים הראשונים בהם התאהבנו והחלטנו להתחתן (התאהבנו אחד בשנייה מחדש). --- החופש לבחור בכל רגע מה ואיך אני רוצה להרגיש ולחשוב הינו אין סופי מדהים ומהנה וללא גבולות. --- הבית פורח והילדים שמחים. ההשפעה על הילדים עצומה. הספיקו שתי טכניקות כדי לשנות אצלן התנהגויות של שנים שלא הצלחנו להבין למה זה כך.



"Dear dear, so precious, because of you I overcame a major health crisis and returned to Ethnicity ..."

עילאי יקר, כל כך יקר, בזכותך התגברתי על משבר בריאותי גדול וחזרתי לאיתני. מקווה שאוכל לממש זאת, בתחומים אחרים בחיי. תודה וחג שמח



"I split my life in two, before and after the program"

אני מחלק את חיי לשניים, לפני ואחרי התוכנית.



השתתפתי בלא מעט קורסים וסדנאות מהשווים והאיכותיים שיש ומה שעילאי מיכאלי נותן הוא ברמה גבוהה, עמוקה ומדויקת יותר.


"The program has managed to get me in the state of mind, alertness and control that no one has been able to bring me before."

לאחר פגישות עם מומחי CBT, פסיכולוגים, מומחי EMDR, התוכנית הצליחה להביא אותי למצב נפשי, ערות ושליטה שאף אחד לא הצליח להביא אותי לפני כן. - אילן - מנהל הייטק



"You owe me my amazing relationship. You are the best coach I have ever met ...
The result affected my life for years to come "

חייבת לך את הזוגיות המדהימה שלי. אתה בעיני המאמן הכי טוב שאי פעם פגשתי, ואני לא אומרת את זה בשביל הפוסט אלא באמת מהלב. לא קל איתך אבל זה לא באמת משנה אם התוצאה השפיעה על חיי לשנים קדימה


הגאונות של השיטה היא חיבור החלקים לשלם.


Synchronizing between our conscious and subconscious mind 
This is the key to controlling your results
And is achieved only by me

 3 Keys The Mind
© Record Creation # 3856 



who will I am ?


hi I'm ILay Michaeli

Your life partner

Developer and creator The Code The factor97%®

I help people achieve Upper decile results
By Formula Revolutionary Tocontrol at the ROOT of the result
Synchronizing Energetic between The Subconscious Mind ™
© Record Creation # 3856


עילאי מיכאלי - גורם ה-97%®


I don't see myself as a therapist, coach or consultant… 
But as Syncing Energy God-Mind
between 2 Dimensions of the Mind
Conscious and subconscious
And… space-time


 מה השיטה איתה הוא עובד?  זה לא השיטה. זה האדם! התדר בו הוא נמצא. האמת הפנימית שהוא מצליח לחיות על פיה. נסיון חייו שהביאו אותו לפתח משהו שיש בו כלים פשוטים אך ששילובם הנכון ודרך העבודה לא מאפשרים לך לברוח מההתמודדות ומסייעים לך לעבור אותה. הוא לא נראה מורה רוחני באופן המוכר וגם לא מדבר או מתנהג כך. הוא משלב רוחניות וכלים מעשיים שיחד יוצרים סנכרון בין מודע לתת מודע ובעיקר מחברים אותך לאמת שלך. לשיעורי החיים שלך, למסר שהם מביאים ולהוצאתו לפועל. הוא לא אדם דתי אך יותר מאמין, מחובר, ישר ואמיתי מכל אדם דתי שהכרתי.



Give me 90 minutes and I'll show you 

How to control B-95% From factors of the result

And so improve my mouth X Any result you choose !


Come to an experiment session.
This is your first step
For the freedom to control your results
And experience At the meeting Amazing result change!


Where is the experience meeting?
in Tel Aviv
(Near Arlozorov Central Railway Station - address appears after registration)
In hours 18:00 – 19:30

How is it determined today?
You sign up In the blue button To register down,
And chooses the desired date from the upcoming dates listed here.

Upcoming dates:
1. Wednesday 23/10/19
2. Tuesday 29/10/19
3. Thursday 31/10/19

(If there is a problem in the upcoming dates, indicate favorite days of the week)


this Not a lecture or Standard introductory workshop!


You will receive a demo session

1. Explained how The formula Revolutionary  3 Keys The Mind ™ Help you

2. The part The central: Unique technique demonstration On A real life situation You choose
And within 30 minutes you will experience a change outcome That will amaze you !

3. Reply For your personal questions + a gift from thousands


It's a unique process experience
In one of the unique techniques
 With Immediate consequence to your life


So if you are tired of being stuck in an unwanted result
Come to an experience session and experience for yourself how different it is
Talk about other things and see how This is possible for you
Achieve the results you want and feel confident and proud.
(Even if you're a little discouraged now)


אתה לא יוצא אותו בן אדם שנכנסת. 


There are only 8 places because I give attitude personal Each

and- the month You have a 67% discount - instead 450 Only 150!

Because I want to seduce you Experiment with the result You'll be amazed you…
So you understand what's possible for you In a process plan Of 3 months.

And to make it irresistible I also give you
Full responsibility
If you do not get an amazing result your money will be refunded to you.

חץ למטה

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For the upcoming meeting 1+1 on 901 TP1T off only 45

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האיש ששינה את חיי - עילאי מיכאלי. עילאי תודה.



If You have some hesitation about not signing up for a demo session
And you want to talk to me about it,
Complete the personal questionnaire
And call 03-6969221

חץ למטה




מה אתם לחשוב ולהגיד על הטיפ הזה?


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A life-changing process!

Online Session release You subconscious trigger

That blocks you In different areas (amazing feeling)!


מה אתם לחשוב ולהגיד על הטיפ הזה?


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