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The secret is the interpretation

The secret is the interpretation.

There is an old saying that says where we are is exactly where we want to be!
Well, whether we agree and accept it or not - the Law of Attraction says we accept what
That we focus on and give it energy, whether we want it or not - will work (just like the law of gravity).

We are where we are because of the choices and decisions we have made in our lives.

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הסוד ליכולת

The secret to ability

The secret to ability.

Question: Do you know what your abilities are?
Answer: You are not!
You have no idea what your true capabilities are ...

You have two truths that when you turn them around, your life will change!

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צופן פנימי

The secret to faith

The secret to faith.

You will probably agree that all people have a sincere desire to succeed.
You want to succeed, I want to succeed.
No one intentionally works for self-destruction - though I have to admit,
Sometimes it seems certain that some people are working on self-destruction.

If everyone wants to succeed - why not?

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מפתח הפתרון

The secret of reprogramming

The secret of reprogramming.

We act on what we know.
Only when we learn something new can we act differently.
We act as if our data is true and true ...
The truth, of course, is that the data or information can be incomplete, out of date and even incorrect.
We usually become prisoners for our information, unable to ...

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הסוד זה אני

The secret is you

The secret is you.

Of all the people you know in your life,
You are the only one who will not lose or leave.

For your life question,
You are the only answer.

To the challenge of your life,

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The secret to the cause

The secret to the cause.

When the bow misses the target he looks for the reason for it.
Missing the goal is never the goal of the fault.
Most people look for the cause in…

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