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Choose or lose

Choose or lose.

Choose or lose, that's the question ...

The two most empowering words are I choose.
There is so much creative power behind these words.
Amazing power.

Most people do not understand the power of

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תכנות סרטים מעצימים

Film programming is empowering

Film programming is empowering.

Have you ever thought about how kids can sit for hours and watch replay of their favorite movie?
It's amazing how they voluntarily see the same movie without any complaint or demand for something new.
What's even more amazing is that adults do the same with their time.
Most people run 'movies' in their heads time and time again, focused on

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הנכס החשוב ביותר לתקשורת מוצלחת

The most important asset for successful communication

The most important asset for successful communication.

The most important asset to successful communication is the ability to listen.
Listening is a creative force from a magnet.
The friends who listen to us are the ones we want to be with, want their closeness.
When we listen to it ...

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לנסות להיות חיובי לא עובד

Trying to be positive doesn't work

Trying to be positive doesn't work.

Most people try to be positive.
We are trying to put a positive mask on what is happening to us,
When deep inside we feel very no charges.
Most people do this because ...

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ניצוצות תודעה

Sparks of consciousness

Sparks of consciousness.

How many times do we find ourselves struggling for or against someone or something? 
Most of us do this unconsciously.
This habit originated in…

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הקשר בין הרגלים להצלחה

The connection between habits and success

The connection between habits and success.

What is the connection between habits and success?
The reasons for succeeding are consciously found.
Everyone wants to succeed at the conscious level…

But did you pause for a moment to think about the next thing?
If the reasons for succeeding are consciously, the reasons why unsuccessfully must be subconscious…!
What it means?

it means that…

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