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The secret to fears

The secret to fears.

Fear is nothing more than the expectation that something negative will happen.
Product of negative thought…
And the essence of understanding the negative is the awareness of the following fact…

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הסוד למחשבות

The secret to muscles

The secret to muscles.

Every day we wake up,
Life pushes us.

the question is: 
Are we pushing back?

The muscles we need to develop to push,
Are not in our feet,
In our backs
Or in our hands.

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כלא של אמונות

The secret to what we need

The secret to what we need.

Success doesn't come to us - we have to go for it.
We don't need more power, more capabilities or more knowledge…

What we need is first of all to use what we have
And that's a lot ...

The problem is that most people use
Less than 51 TP1T of their true capabilities…

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The secret to luck

The secret to luck.

There is no such thing as luck, it's just a word invented.
And yet it causes you the stimulus of happiness consciousness ...

How can this happen if luck doesn't exist?
Because something exists, it just doesn't exist as luck! 

The dictionary says luck is an event that seems to have happened by accident
Instead as a logical product of cause and effect.

No reason, just a result… luck.
But there is reason for everything, it is a principle of life - the law of cause and effect.

Everything from anything, for any reason…

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זכוכית מגדלת

The secret to seeing

The secret to seeing.

One of the great paradoxes
Of our physical senses is,

That our eyes show us
What we believe,

And not what we see!

The most important thing to understand is that it is
In beliefs we are not aware of ...

It is important to understand

People live life under the following condition:
I see and hear everything that fits my beliefs…
I mean, I don't see or hear things that don't fit my beliefs ...

Wow, this is a dangerous way to live life!

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The secret to the question

The secret to the question.

Probably the best question
What we can ask ourselves time and time again is:
"What is the most valuable thing,
Can I do with my time now? "

What if this question was asked by me
Everyone at any time during the day?

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