The dominant factor influences outcomes 

הגורם הדומיננטי משפיע על תוצאות

Why our life Looks what they look like

And how can we Affect it for the better?

People assume that the things that happen to them,

This is how they happen to others as well.

But situations happen differently to every person.


So what exactly does the word "happen" mean?

Intention is beyond subjective perception and experience.

It refers to a reality that emerges from within and from within Your interpretation The situation.

In fact, your own interpretation is part of how life happens to you.


How a situation occurs at a result level,

Includes your view of the past (why things happened as they happened)

And of the future (where it all goes).

When people interact with each other as if they share the same facts,

They fall into the trap The illusion of reality.


To illustrate this,

Think of a person you are not happy with in your life right now

Maybe someone you've been embittered about for years.

In your mind, think of words that describe this person…

Come on, think about it and describe it in words…


You may have described this person as egocentric - focused only on himself,

Non-listening, illogical, overly stubborn and the like.

You might even swear these descriptions are accurate ...

But notice that you described how this person is In relation to you… and not as it is…

This is how the illusion of reality works, for you and for people around you.


Almost without exception,

People don't notice that all they are aware of is how situations happen to them - in relation to them.

They talk, and act like they see things as they really are ...

None of us see things as they are ...

We see things as they happen to us - in relation to us.


So, "how things happen in our lives" seems to be nothing more than a function of Our existing beliefs.

We see, create our reality through the filter of our beliefs.

So it is known that emotion and behavior can be changed by clearing beliefs and programming,

Which are the cause of the emotion and the automatic behavior.


But there's something else here ...

The question arises as to whether Cleaning up old programming Enough to change your reality,

Such as making more money or finding your dream mate and the like…

Clearing the barriers (Past programming) Alone is not enough for some things,

Will appear regularly in your reality of life.


It is important to remember that beliefs are the meaning That we give meaningless events in life.


And there are two types of beliefs:

Sometimes these meanings are generalizations and we conclude I am and such…

People are such and such ... and life is so and so ...


And other times we don't make generalizations,

We just say we did something wrong,

Either his behavior was rude, or today was a tough day.


These three things in both cases are meanings / beliefs…

So how things happen to us at any given moment is a function of both types of beliefs.


But what else Involved in this process?


NSee how things happen to us in the end,

It's a function of interpretation that we give to every person or situation right now, In the present.


More than that, we seem to be influenced to give some meaning by

Our past beliefs and subconscious programming.


And yet all these past meanings do not bring about the new meaning, but only affect us.

I mean, we have to be Aware of the meaning we give things here and now,

Beyond cleaning up past programming, to change the reality of our lives…


Please do an exercise:

Create a new reality for yourself.

Take a look at what a particular person or situation looks like to you.

Describe it with as much detail as you can.

Notice that you are acting in front of the person or situation, as if it seems to you,

It's the truth…


Can you also see that the way the person or situation looks to you,

is a A function of your beliefs and programming?


Now create Alternative / different way See the person and / or the situation…

And notice how it changes you Your attitude and behavior Opposite them…



Love and smile,


עילאי מיכאלי - גורם ה-97%®

ILay Michaeli

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Former Mental Coach of Maccabi Tel Aviv Players,

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And author of the book "The Secret of Human Mechanism"