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מטען עבר

The heavy price of self-righteousness

- The use of male language is for convenience -

Life Insight + 1 minute practice for success
The practice of success appears below after the insight


Practice for success

The practice appears below

The heavy price of self-righteousness


המחיר הכבד של הצדקנות


Know the The people who never make a mistake?

Yes, most people have Hard to admit wrong!


This is because they think it is I say something about them.

Well, כן ולא 🙂

No, It does not mean what they are Fear it means (When they were wrong)

and this: 'I am Wrong / not good enough'.
(The only thing thatThere was That's not right Their behavior)
its Yes Says they are Insecure and / or not connected to what is happening…

And the price The liver he:
Whose self-righteousness prevents them from learning it 
Life Rate their… And evolve !

 Then, It is important We will have Ready to admit it and admit it,
Because only then can we learn and develop.


Meanwhile, waking up exercise:


Warning against 2 destructive traps !


trap Knowledge!
Don't fall
To trap Knowledge of "I already know that"
Because Knowledge gives you nothing, Ничего, Rien, Nada, لا شئ, Nothing…

Impressive results are only achieved by me Application (True) of knowledge (true)!
(Most people who think it's irrelevant to them, most In need To that)


trap Faith!
Don't fall
To trap Faith of "It doesn't look right / it's too simple, etc."
Because Faith comes Following Results… so You don't have to believe, Check it out Then you decide!


So… if you want Progress For results
Take a minute to think And answer the following success practice…


Practice 1 minute for your success!

(It Awakening exercise And not what you learn in the program…)


Focus on the event someone told you you were wrong
You didn't like the result you were involved in ...

And answer the question:
Where could I be wrong?



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How the insight and practice of success helped you
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And treat it personally
תודה לך 🙂


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