The real barrier to success

המחסום האמיתי בפני הצלחה

The real barrier to success is:

The false beliefs Preventing or Delaying Your Results!


From studies aimed at examining the causes and barriers to failure, the following facts emerge: 

From testing thousands of people who have failed in various fields over time,

The dominant point is that they are simple Refuse to accept What really happened.


And the lack of recognition of the reality they are in and their contribution to this reality,

Just makes things worse. sometimes,

The denial is in the form of Not seeing things. Other times,

They actually see things, but still Oppose it (And various excuses are made)

For the simple reason that they are Don't like what they see.


In any case, this denial is dangerous and causes a cycle of negative results.

You might ask "why am I doing these things"?


You know you are Able for the better And yet you behave in ways of self-destruction. 

why is it?

it's coming Beliefs Inaccurate and illogical.


And this is because in the past, you have made certain assumptions that you have never checked the truth behind,

Their accuracy or their logic. 

AYou see, if you adopt a position,

Opinion or belief And not checking And validates it with logical thought,

It may lead you to conclusions that are far from any reality.


And since you tend to trust yourself,

And therefore feel confident in exactly what you believe to be true,

You can easily Close yourself To information that contradicts this belief.


In fact, you will find that the cause of most of your destructive behaviors (leading to negative consequences for you),

Has been in the past,

In one of the false beliefs I will reveal shortly. It's not hopeless ...

But change is necessary And before you start thinking it's hopeless, I want to assure you,

No matter how you are now sabotaging your success, it can change very quickly.


You see, a lot of your negative behaviors lie In unbelievable negative belief.


Today you will get more clarity about me The real reasons

The gap between what you know you need to do,

And what you actually do and of course what you must do about it ...


Beliefs are powerful.

They affect your thoughts, your attitude and your actions.

So, right now, your beliefs or Help or prevent you Your success.

In fact, beliefs in themselves have the power to create tremendous success or destroy any chance of success.

And what's more scary is the following: Everything you need,

is a One "poisoned" belief to destroy your future ...


Harmful beliefs are often difficult to detect.

This is because once the belief has been accepted,

She is usually not tested, so she stays there, and usually for good…

Over time, we begin to relate to our beliefs As facts.


We tend to forget that they are nothing more than a personal feeling of certainty about something,

And instead see them As an objective reality.

It makes us use our beliefs to create filters through which we process our experiences.

Over time, these filters determine the The information we receive (or ignore) From the world around us…


This is why once someone is infected with a false belief,

He will constantly deal with ownership behaviors Nature of self-destruction.


Because the behavior is regularly reinforced by:

1. Faith The negative itself

2. The experiences we experience through The filter of faith This one.


Therefore, for your success you must be both conscious and in control of your beliefs. 

Today I will show you 5 destructive beliefs,

Which weaken you in constant and imperceptible ways,

Because you live in humility, as if they were part of the Ten Commandments ...


Once you see the false beliefs as they really are,

You can disable them,

And eliminate the negative symptoms (consequences)

That they are currently causing in every area of your life, your personal,

Professional / Business and Health… and starting a new path…


If you have any of the false beliefs I'm about to present,

There is no doubt…

They prevent you from thinking correctly ...

they Offending you… And ruin your success.


5 The Central False Beliefs That people fall victim to are: 

False belief #1 : My life and current results do not reflect me - life and future results will reflect me

True belief #1: Your contemporary life and results are the only accurate reflection of who you are

Symptoms: Procrastination - Lack of sense of urgency - Failure to do the things that need to be done - a waste of time - Paralysis of the condition analysis


False belief #2 : Achieving the goal is the only important thing

True belief #2: The goal is important, but the way to it is even more important

Symptoms: Perfectionism - Low Patience Threshold - Goal Waiver - Pessimism 


False belief #3 A: Success is only possible when you have all the resources / capabilities

True belief #3: Resources are far less important than belief

Symptoms: Spends most of your time searching for resources / capabilities (for example: knowledge, money, etc.)  

Blame consistently the drawback on resources / capabilities to justify the lack of progress 

Get stuck on important projects and activities regularly


False belief #4 A: I am at my best and most productive when I have no limitations

True belief #4: Limitations of Creativity and Making - The more restrictions I have, the more productive I am

Symptoms: Focus on focus - Lack of progress on high priority issues - always jumping from topic to idea


False Belief #5 : All it takes to succeed is one-time luck / action

True belief #5: Success and failure are never immediate or caused by a single action - it's a process

SymptomsA: Regularly declining offers for quick enrichment or excessive promises  

Always looking for the one big thing - reducing the importance of practicing basic things - Don't finish things


And this is only a partial list…

Be honest.


Do you operate under any false belief from the beliefs mentioned here?


If so, they are ruining your chances of success.

Recognizing them - and working to change your beliefs - will change your life and your ability to move forward.


Boiled Frog Syndrome - You heard the parable on the frog, right?


If you put a frog in a bowl of boiling water, it will immediately jump out to avoid the danger.

Put the same frog in a bowl of water that is cool and cozy,

And gradually heat the water to a boil, and the frog will enjoy the water with pleasure Until you grow up…


A lot of people behave similarly ... they accumulate small things, become challenges, become problems,

That become major frustrations stacked on one another ... until one day, it is too late…


All the little things in your personal life add up to your life…

All the little things in your professional / business field add up to your career or business…

If you don't do the little things correctly, Nothing else matters ...


And don't be confused, even though this is the situation of most of us,

is a Not to say we were meant to live that way all our lives - Not really, there is a relatively quick solution.


It's important to understand that we have "Invisible points“Managing our lives. 

These are my ways The subconscious To sabotage your success. 


And that's it Reading Your Awakening - Because by exposing these points you are giving yourself a gift for life.


I hope what you heard here helped open your eyes and ears,

And gave you Cause to be Suspicious of any beliefs you embrace…



Love and smile,


עילאי מיכאלי - גורם ה-97%®

ILay Michaeli

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Former Mental Coach of Maccabi Tel Aviv Players,

TV show "The Mirror" on Channel 10,

And author of the book "The Secret of Human Mechanism"