3 Keys to Synchronize Success

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הנכס החשוב ביותר לתקשורת מוצלחת

The most important asset for successful communication

- The use of male language is for convenience -

Life Insight + 1 minute practice for success
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The most important asset to successful communication is ability Make it hardB.

Listening is a creative force from a magnet.

The friends who listen to us are the ones we want to be with, want their closeness.

When we listen it makes us Expand and grow.
It makes us Free and happy.

Conversely when someone asks us to listen to him and we give tips, We didn't do what he asked for - listen.

We didn't respect him and didn't help him ... but To ourselves (And that's not accurate)…

When was the last time That you really listened To your friend?
To your partner?
For your child?
Your spouse?

listening Effective Known to be more than a chemical ball ...

One point to remember: there is difference Between hearing and listening.

We hear with our ears and listen with The emotional mind.

When we actively listen to someone, we give them a compliment…. They feel important!

By the way, this one is First of all we…

Practice 1 minute to your success!

(This is a waking exercise and not what you learn in the program…)

In your next conversation with someone important to you, listen to what he says ...

And answer the question:
Was I busy with my thoughts or did I really listen to him and understand (I don't seem to understand) what he was saying?

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