3 Keys to Synchronize Success

99% שליטה ברגשות בהתנהגות ובתוצאה בהווה


The secret is the interpretation

- The use of male language is for convenience -

Life Insight + 1 minute practice for success
The practice of success appears below after the insight

The secret is the interpretation.

There is an old saying that says where we are is exactly where we want to be!

Well, whether we agree and accept it or not, the Law of Attraction says we get what we focus on and give it energy, whether we want it or not - it will work (just like the law of gravity).

We are where we are because of The choices and decisions We've done in our life.

We made these choices and decisions based on the information we had that a rifle was wrong - Our belief system.

Reality shows that if we receive wrong instructions from point A to point B, we will not reach point B unless we change direction.

It is equally true that if we have the wrong instructions on how to go from poverty to happiness or designer to joy, we will not get where we wanted.

One of the decisions we can make is to think about what Thomas Syking said: "You are not a product of a ruined house, a failed economy, a world at war, a minority group, drinking parents or a slum. 

You are the product of your own thought process and everything you think today will be your result tomorrow. "

If someone has taken advantage of you in the past, it's okay to give them "credit" for your past dirt, but don't let them Permission to destroy your present and future!

Consider control About your thoughts and your future, both your own and your results!

Life Skill # 1 She Sync Between your subconscious mind!

And above all, remember thatYou are much more than you can see…

Practice 1 minute to your success!

(This is a waking exercise and not what you learn in the program…)

Focus on an event where you experienced a negative emotion recently

And answer the question:
What thought made me feel negative?
And how can you see (what happened at the event) differently…?

Want to get some practical benefit?

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