The secret to achieving goals

 השגת מטרה

The secret of the spark of consciousness


The secret to achieving goals, how we are Achieve Everything, lies in theUnconscious.

This is where our programming exists which has the mental software,

(Sparks of consciousnessRunning our lives…


Today I want you to understand this more deeply and also to allow you Quick solution And simple.

But, first of all you have to fully understand,
That your results do not come entirely from positive thoughts
And not positive emotions or even positive actions. 


Your results come from your unconscious beliefs
You've planned so far
(Active and passive programming…).


Based on The beliefs These, you have thoughts,

Which lead to emotions, which lead to behaviors, Which attract results.


In other words, you can think as positively as you want,

But if you have unconscious beliefs, For example, for not deserving ... 

you You won't attract what you think On him at the conscious level.


Then, blame the Law of Attraction and the whole world…

Say it doesn't work and be frustrated, Disappointed and maybe even angry ...


When you feel disappointed, it's easy to blame the rest of the world and it's hard to take full responsibility ...

ABell only when you take it Full responsibility for your outcomeWhere the real change begins ...

And again, you cannot stay and do work with yourself only on the surface…


Positive statements probably Won't be enough

Guided imagination probably Will not suffice… A statement of intent probably You will not do enough

You have to go deeper ... into Your subconscious mind, Where the command center operates.


And again, it's not hard… you just need the right guidance.


Okay, let's do an intermediate summary before we continue:

Your result right now Exactly what you allow… How do I know this?

Because this is what you have drawn based on your old thoughts, feelings and behaviors.


This moment is appropriate To your comfort zone based on "Inner Compass",

Or his other name Cyber Mechanism, That's your beliefs about what That is possible for you At this moment…


Let's go even deeper, which you allow based on The subconscious programming your.

If you do everything right and still do not get the results you are Want consciously,

Know that you are at the subconscious level Get exactly what you feel That suits you.


I know it's hard to believe, at least at first.

but The deep rooted beliefs Your about money,

Love, health, success and everything else, They are That filter reality,

So you are Look only at what fits the beliefs These are just…

And everything else will pass Under the conscious radar Yours - don't be aware of it - like they're not there ...


These beliefs got there as a result Interpretations Various

That you did for different events During your life…

You're not guilty of it.

We are all programmed At one level or another…


For example, when you heard in your childhood that money creates problems and / or have seen movies where the rich are corrupt,

you Subconsciously Creators Software That money is bad and corrupt ...

Later, when you're trying to make money, you Block yourself… It makes sense, doesn't it?

You will not want to attract what you think is bad and corrupt. So you don't


To overcome The barriers These, you should Clear the hidden beliefs these,
Because the rule is That whenever the conscious and subconscious have intentions Conflict,
In other words No Out of sync,
The subconscious will veto On the intentions of the conscious (that research is It's a million times strongerAnd win


In other words, if you say "I believe I will take on a new role or another",

But beneath the surface, I believe, "I don't deserve this job," 

Or "I don't have the skills," 

Or "the economy is now on the face",

So guess what?

These contradictory beliefs will attract their consequential conformity.


Are you following me?

The subconscious programming your Will cancel the intention The ad your.

Okay, and then you ask if The subconscious beliefs Pass Under the conscious radar My,

How can I know there is problem ?


A very good question - and the answer is:

The results your…


If the result in a particular area is different from what you want Consciously,

So what sits in programming The subconscious Yours responsible for this result…

And until you change it - the result will not change

And when you change it - your life will change for the better!


So, you're not guilty ... but Subconscious programming Yours!

Understanding that this is the case, how are you Changing beliefs in the subconscious programming?


Relax. there's hope.

You are actually a process in progress.


It's important that you don't judge yourself and your situation and your process right now,

Knowing that it will change at a rate you change…

You have to understand that you are doing the best you can now…

And as your awareness level rises, your results will improve accordingly…


The more happy you are now,

So you relax despair, release the jammed energy and you can move forward and develop…

The miracle you are looking for is here, At this very moment

The more you realize that this moment is each other, and thank you for that,

The more you move towards a world of goals ...


So, if you're not attracting what you want,

It's time to let go of what is blocking you

And the solution is much more Simple and fast From what you imagine


Come To be seen plunder



Love and smile,


עילאי מיכאלי - גורם ה-97%®

ILay Michaeli

The key to the high method Energy Sync
Energetic Sync ™ between The subconscious mind


Former Mental Coach of Maccabi Tel Aviv Players,

TV show "The Mirror" on Channel 10,

And author of the book "The Secret of Human Mechanism"