Website Use Agreement and Registration for Company Services

Registration for services

Some of the services on the site ("Site"),
Including requests for information and / or discounts and / or registration for courses / workshops / lectures and / or the purchase of Internet Products (hereinafter: "Registration"), 
של חברת ווינרס לייף בע"מ  (להלן: "החברה"), אשר עוסקת בשיטה חדשנית בלעדית לסנכרון בין המודע לתת-מודע
בשם The 3 Sync Keys to Success (Hereinafter: the "Method"),
צופן ההווה™, קוד העבר™, חיים בסנכרון™ (להלן: "תהליכי השיטה"),
© Record Creation # 3856
Need to provide personal information, such as your name, address, ways of communicating with you,
תובת הדואר האלקטרוני שלך או פרטי כרטיס האשראי שברשותך ו/או מידע אחר המתחייב מאופי השירות.

The fields, which must be filled, are explicitly marked. Without submitting the required data in the required fields, you will not be able to complete the registration process
And / or obtain the requested information and / or service / product.

All information, products, services, marketing materials and accompanying graphics contained and / or offered on this Website (hereinafter: the "Service") are offered to the public "as is" (As Is).

You can contact us on 03-6969221 or through the contact form on the tab contact On the site.


The data you provide when registering (other than credit card information) will be stored in the company's database.
You are not required by law to provide the information, but without your consent you will not be able to complete the registration process and / or receive the requested service.
You agree to email that you have also provided tips and / or marketing / advertising materials.

Removal from the database

At any point, you can remove yourself from the mailing list by clicking on a link at the top and / or bottom of any email sent to you,
Or reply to the email you received with a takedown request, or send a takedown request via the tab form contact On the site.

The use of information

When you use the site, you may accumulate information about your practice, products and services you have purchased, information or advertisements you have read on the site, the pages you viewed,
The offers and services that interest you, the payment method you used, the location of the computer you accessed the site and more.

The company will keep the information in its database. The use of this data, as well as the information that you provide during the registration process, will only be done on a case by case basis Privacy Policy This or the provisions of any law - for the purposes set out below:

  • To enable you to obtain requested information and / or sign up for the Company's workshops and / or other services such as updates and tips, including contacting you with the above matters.
  • To improve and enrich the services and content offered on the Site, including to create new services and content that meet the requirements of users of the Website and their expectations, and to modify or cancel existing services and content.
    The information used by the company for this purpose will be essentially statistical information that does not identify you personally.
  • The Company may periodically send you e-mail information regarding its services as well as marketing and advertising information - whether or not it itself will publish
    Or information you receive for delivery from other advertisers.
    However, the Company will not disclose your email address and / or personal information to advertisers.
    You may at any time remove yourself from such information.
  • To establish contact with you and / or with third parties whose details you have provided to us.
  • For any other purpose set forth in this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use of any of the relevant Services on the Website.
  • For the proper operation of the site.

Providing information to a third party

The Company will not disclose to your third parties your personal information and information collected about your activity on the Website (to the extent that this information personally identifies you), except in the cases set out below:
When you purchase products and services from the Company's trading partners and content, or when you take part in third-party content activities, or in joint activities with the Company and a third party displayed on the Site.

The Company may also transfer the information to third parties and act in the following cases as follows:

  • In the event that you violate the Website Terms of Use, the provisions of the Website Opt-in Agreement or any of the Services offered therein or if you perform through the Website,
    Or in connection with it, actions which are deemed to be in contravention, or attempt to do such, in these cases,
    The Company may provide the information as required;
  • If the Company receives a judicial order instructing it to disclose your information or information about you to a third party;
  • In any dispute, claim, claim, claim or legal proceedings, if any, between you and the Company;
  • In any case where the Company believes that the provision of information is necessary to prevent serious damage to your body or property or to the body or third-party property;
  • If the company organizes its activities within another corporation - and in the event that it merges with another entity or merges its activities with a third party's activities -
    It will be entitled to transmit to the new corporation a copy of the information contained in the database, provided that such corporation undertakes to comply with this Privacy Policy.

Online advertising remarketing policy

  • Various (third-party) service providers, including Google, display our ads on sites on the network;
  • Various (third-party) service providers, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on your past visits to the site;
  • You can at any time discontinue the use of various third party service providers' cookies by Visit this site;

זכויות קניין רוחני

מבלי לגרוע מהאמור לעיל, כל זכויות היוצרים, זכויות הקניין הרוחני והזכויות
אשר דומות במהותן לזכויות יוצרים או זכויות קניין רוחני ( “להלן: זכויות קניין רוחני“)
בקורסים, באתר, במידע, בתכנים הכלולים ובשירותים המוצעים, לרבות (אך מבלי
לגרוע מכלליות האמור) טקסט, איורים, אלמנטים גרפיים, צליל, יישומי תוכנה,
גרפים ותמונות, סרטי וידאו, מחקרים ונתונים, סילבוסים, שייכות באופן בלעדי
לחברה ולעילאי מיכאלי, והם מוגנים על ידי חוקי זכויות יוצרים של מדינת ישראל, מדינות אחרות
ואמנות בינלאומיות.

המשתמש אינו רשאי לעשות כל שימוש, להעתיק או לנקוט בכל פעולה אחרת
ביחס לסימני המסחר המופיעים באתר, לרבות סימני המסחר של החברה, של השיטה ושל תהליכי השיטה.

חל איסור מוחלט להציג את עמודי האתר, או אילו מהם, בעיצוב גרפי או בממשק
השונים מאלו המוצגים באתר, אלא אם החברה אישרה זאת, מראש ובכתב.

The user may make “fair use” of the protected material in accordance with the rules laid down by law. Fair use includes reasonable quotation from the protected material.
The quoted person must indicate the source for the quote. The user must not make any tampering, tampering or other modification with the protected material, 
Or any action that would reduce the value of the protected material that could harm the dignity or name of the copyright owner.
Subject to copyright law, the User is not allowed to copy, redistribute, retransmit or publish protected material without the prior written consent of the Company.

Declaration of non-competition

The material, processes and techniques taught in frontal and / or web services
(“Content”) is for your personal use only
And must not be transferred in whole and / or in part to others
And / or use them for the care / assistance of others, paid or free, under your name or other name.
The contents are the property of Elai Michaeli and the company
And protected by the copyright laws of the State of Israel
International treaties and copyright laws of other countries.
For violation of this section, in whole or in part, you will pay the Company an agreed compensation without proof of damage in the amount of NIS 100,000 without detracting from any other remedy. 
Your use of the process and the content constitutes approval and consent to the terms of this statement.   

Registration for courses / workshops / lectures

  1. You can register for courses / workshops / lectures / internet product by registering on site or by telephone and making a payment by bank transfer or credit card (hereinafter: "joins").
    Opting in to some of the Services is governed by the opt-in rules as set out in the applicable Services and made clear in writing on the relevant Service Web Page
    Orally if the transaction was made by telephone, and would be physically provided to join if frontal service, on the day the actual service began.
    Frontal service will begin within two months of registration. Notice of the opening date will be delivered to the joiner at least one week in advance.
    In the event that there is a discrepancy in the Scriptures between this Agreement and the later Agreement, with regard to the cancellation policy,
    The definitive agreement is the agreement that was at the time of the purchase of the service and the charge of the credit card and / or the bank transfer.
  2. Each user may register for courses / workshops / lectures, subject to the cumulative conditions listed below:
    a. The user is qualified to perform binding legal actions. If you are a minor (under 18) or you are not eligible to take legal action without the permission of a guardian,
    Your use of the Site will be deemed to have been obtained by the Custodian.
    b. The user has a valid Israeli identity card or a legally incorporated and registered corporation in Israel.
    c. The user has a valid Israeli or international credit card issued in Israel by one of the credit card companies.
    d. The user has an e-mail cell on the Internet and has an address in Israel.
  3. Immediately after registration and payment, the credit card details and order confirmation will be checked by the credit card companies,
    You will be notified that the action has been approved and sent an e-mail confirmation of the action within 48 hours of completing the payment process.
  4. It is important to make clear that credit card use must be made in accordance with credit card company instructions and that filing false information is a criminal offense and does so,
    Expected criminal and civil litigation.
  5. In the event that the transaction is not approved by the credit companies, the executor will receive an appropriate notification.
    Contact the Company's Customer Service Center to arrange credit card approval for the transaction.
    It should be clarified and highlighted, an action will only be considered complete after the transaction has been approved by the credit card company or the payment of the deposit in the actual bank account of the company.
    No action was taken to arrange the approval within 7 days of the date of receipt of the notice of refusal by the credit companies to approve the transaction
    The company will be entitled to cancel the registration.
    Your registration with the Company's Services constitutes a confirmation that you have read carefully, understood and agreed to the Terms Website Use Agreement and Registration for the Company's Website Services.

Statement of results

The service does not constitute medical, mental or other treatment and is not a substitute for them.
The results described in the various testimonies represent personal results evidence.
There is no liability for any mental, emotional or other consequences of using the Service.
The results vary depending on the individual time investment and service implementation.
Under no circumstances can you guarantee results in advance for the various company / company products, web or frontal, personal and / or group.

You can read a results statement from the Life Code cipher program In this link

Cancellation policy

  1. A participant may cancel his / her registration for the course / workshop / lecture within fourteen days of the transaction being made,
    Provided that such cancellation shall be made at least 14 working days, other than rest days, prior to the date on which the course / workshop / lecture is scheduled to commence.
    The subscriber is entitled to enjoy the warranty policy, if any, in any service.
    For the avoidance of doubt, cancellation of registration / participation and refund after service begins is not possible, but in accordance with the warranty policy, if applicable, in any service.
  2. Cancellation of registration will be done in writing by registered mail to: PO Box. 10596 Ramat Gan Postal Code 52005.

    After canceling, pursuant to this Agreement, a registration made through the Website or by telephone, the Company will return within 14 days of receiving the cancellation notice,
    The part paid by the joiner in the manner in which it was paid.
    In such a case, the Company may charge a cancellation fee at a rate not exceeding 5% from the workshop / lecture price or NIS 100,
    Whichever is higher + Credit card fee if paid.
    The refund will be sent by check or transfer to the joining account or credit card through which the subscriber paid.

אבטחת קניה

All payment system is secured by a companyCardcom”That meets the standards and security standards of credit card companies.

Credit card information is not stored at all in the system, but is transmitted immediately upon payment to the clearing company in an encrypted and secure manner.

Prohibition of unlawful or prohibited use of the site, you undertake not to use the site for any unlawful purpose,
And for any purpose prohibited by the terms, conditions, and notices contained in this document.

הערה מיוחדת לגבי ילדים

אנו מבקשים שקטינים (מתחת לגיל 18) לא ישלחו מידע אישי אלינו. אם אתה קטין, אתה יכול להשתמש באתר זה רק ברשות, והדרכה של ההורים או האפוטרופוסים שלך.

Limit liability for information and services presented on the site

All information, products, services, marketing materials and accompanying graphics contained and / or offered on this Website (hereinafter: the "Service") are offered to the public "as is" (As Is).

The service is provided for the needs Informational only And does not constitute Medical treatment, psychotherapy, hypnosis or any mental health or other treatment,
And does not constitute Substitute them.

The Service is not intended to be used or be a substitute for diagnosis, psychological or other treatment and / or counseling and should not be followed,
To make health care decisions of any kind, engagements, actions and / or transactions,
But only after receiving appropriate personal advice from experts in the relevant field.

אין שום התחייבות לתוצאות מחשבתיות, רגשיות, התנהגותיות או אחרות משימוש בשירות.

The participant assumes full responsibility for any outcome due to his participation and use of the service. 
The Company and / or its managers and / or its employees and / or its representatives are exempt from any terms and conditions at any time from the results of the use of the service or errors, inaccuracies or errors in the material presented on the website.

The Company shall not be liable for changes made to the material presented on the Site and / or the Service on this Website, including any changes made by it and / or by the user of the Website or by any third party.

The user alone will be responsible for how he uses the information and / or service on this site.


The trademarks (the logo of the website and the company as well as the method names and method processes) found on the site are proprietary trademarks of the company.
No action is taken that may infringe the trademark rights on the Trademarks.

User statement

I know that the information and services provided on the Site are usable as they are.
I will have no claim, claim or demand against the Company and / or its managers and / or its employees
And / or its representatives for the nature of the Services offered by the Website.
Use of the Website will be at my full and exclusive responsibility.

I agree, declare and expressly undertake to assume all responsibility.
It is clarified, for the avoidance of doubt, that the Company and / or its directors and / or its employees and / or its representatives 
Shall not and will not be liable in any way for any damages and / or losses that may be caused
As a result of relying on data and / or using tools or processes with money or free
Displayed on this site and / or damage of any kind at any point in time.

עדות אישית

ידוע לי כי במידה ובחרתי לתת עדות אישית כתובה או מצולמת [בצורה עצמאית או מצולמת על ידי מי מטעמה של החברה],
החברה ו/או מי מטעמה יהיו רשאים לפרסם עדות זו במלואה או בחלקה בכל זמן, לפי שיקול דעתה הבלעדי, באתר ו/או במדיום פרסומי אחר,
ולא תהיה לי כל טענה, תביעה או דרישה כלפי החברה ו/או מנהליה ו/או עובדיה ו/או נציגיה בגין פרסום זה.

Arbitration and jurisdiction

This Agreement shall apply only to the laws of the State of Israel, but shall not be governed by the rules of international law laid down therein.

Any dispute that may arise between the parties, including any dispute regarding the use of the Website and / or in connection with these Terms of Use
Including in connection with the individual online agreements accompanying certain services on the Website,
Will be brought before an arbitrator who will be an expert in e-commerce and the internet
And its identity will be determined by the chairman of the Israeli Bar Association at the request of either party.

The arbitrator may grant temporary and interim relief. The place of arbitration will be in Tel Aviv.
The arbitrator will not be bound by civil laws but will be bound by the laws of evidence and substantive law. The arbitrator must owe its decision.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, if any of the parties to this Agreement have been sued by a third party, in any legal proceeding, the Defendant shall be entitled, notwithstanding the foregoing,
Attach the other party to this agreement as a party to the same judicial proceeding in which case this arbitration agreement shall not apply.

The competent court in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Law, 1968 will be the court located in the city of Tel Aviv.

This section constitutes an arbitration agreement between the parties for all intents and purposes.

Subject to and without derogating from the said, in any matter not within the authority of the arbitrator, or in any matter not subject to this arbitration agreement,
For any reason, the exclusive jurisdiction will be vested in the competent court of the City of Tel Aviv in Israel.

Change in terms and conditions

The Company reserves the right to make changes to the terms, conditions, and notices applicable to the use of the Website and the Company's services.
The changes will take effect as soon as they are posted on the site. The changes will only be updated online on the site.
The user will not be notified of the change in email or through any other communication.
Therefore, it is recommended that you regularly re-read the website usage agreement and registration for the company's services.
Your use of the Website constitutes acceptance of all changes.

For any questions or suggestions we would be pleased to contact you at 03-6969221 or via the contact form on the tab. contact On the site.