Who is Winers Life?

 WINNERS Life Giving A revolutionary solution without me !

The company applies Unique life-changing learning technology - Method The 971 TP1T factor® - Energetic Sync ™ Between the subconscious mind, Which was developed and created by ILay Michaeli, And connects the dimension The spiritual With the dimension The material, the Hasidic and the Jewish. 

Learning can be Informative-informative or Transformative-sub.

AIf we think of the mind as having a 'container' shape, then to know, it will mean putting something 'in the container'.
In this (informative / informative) education model, the teacher informs the students,
Who in turn learn the information orally and remember it for as long as they can or need to
(Usually no more than five minutes after the test).
As students add more and more knowledge into the container, they become "educated".

Transformation / Change, On the other hand, means changing the shape of the container,
That is, changing the way students perceive the world and interpret the information.

The technology is engaged BPersonal Empowerment andin development Skills personality Like self-image and confidence,
Self-motivation for success, belief in ability, self-control,
Helpful thinking, self-confidence, self-discipline, determination and perseverance and more.

Method of the factor97%® Delivered through an innovative and exclusive process program called Code of Life Code ™ program.


The uniqueness of Code of Life Code ™ program © Record Creation # 3856
She Exclusive innovative process for creating Energetic Sync ™
between our conscious and subconscious mind 
Through Method of the factor97%® Trademark No. 279397


Lots of workshops and courses tell you what to do (at best)… 
The uniqueness of the program is that it shows you how to create template success in life
By practicing it
Keys to success: Thought patterns,
Energetic balance and implementing a proper creation process, Using proven techniques that man takes with him as a way of life at the end of the program.

Our unique innovative training program, The Code Code of Life ™ Focusing In techniques Tosuccess,
Changing thought patterns And application In practice during support processes, it is a powerful practical tool

The vision of WINNERS Life:

J.Create a framework that helps millions of people, connect with their identity,
To the divine power within them and the root of their soul ...

Shakespeare Said: "The world is a stage and we are all actors" ... we at  WINNERS Life Efforts said this,
And believe that we must not settle for the role of actors,
But we have to be both the directors and the screenwriters of the show called 'My Life'


"All power is within us and therefore under our control." ~ Robert Collier  


Our dream is to help you through group coaching and personal training Precise Discover And exercise The strengths within you,
to turn Your potential for results
And by creating Improve your quality of life and those around you!


the mother are you Can succeed?


You can succeed.

All you need is a passion for success, appropriate support and training, training and perseverance.

This is your chance.


are you have to  That to yourself, because those The only life you have!

And as mentioned, if you can't lose ... then how are you Can win?

You choose what to improve and apply what is learned - we are committed to helping you with unique tools! 


Let's win with us.


"At any moment can I begin to resemble the person I dream of being the question at which moment I choose?" ~ Seneca 


that's it. Now, it's entirely up to you ...


"It's not enough just to want you to ask yourself what you are willing to do to get the things you want."  ~ Franklin Roosevelt


There are winners, there are losers and there are you The winners The potential Still Didn't find out how to win.

All they need is a little help (Advanced Techniques and Processes Exclusive In Israel) And it will open to them A new future.


Let's become part of the training program Innovative Unique Cipher The Life Code ™, which is a fresh start for you, 
And give you the tools Get the results That you really want In every area of your life!


The uniqueness She A revolutionary solution Innovative without me ToEnergetic Sync ™ between Aware ofSubconscious !


"I believe the key To this success The factor97%®
And there is no reason That you will live life when an unknown person automatically manages them
~ Supreme Michaeli


It is important That controls our life energy and results…
ourselves (
Regardless of external),
instead of To blame others And / or you Our destiny!
(On the way we will find out, too the meaning of life)

As it says in Proverbs: "In the end, the fate ..." (Tz LEG)
Rashi: "Destiny will be cast in the lap"- Between himself and himself a man casts destiny


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