3 Keys to Synchronize Success

99% שליטה ברגשות בהתנהגות ובתוצאה בהווה

ראש בקיר

Helplessness is learned

- The use of male language is for convenience -

Life Insight + 1 minute practice for success
The practice of success appears below after the insight


- The use of male language is for convenience -


Life Insight + 1 minute practice for success

The practice of success appears below after the insight


Helplessness is learned


חוסר אונים נלמד

Most of the time If we do not succeed
Do something toAfter several attempts,
We might Losing confidence andStop trying. 


it's called: 'Learn helplessness' 
we Learners to be helpless


In what places in life You stopped trying?

Working ?



Relationships ?

Of money ?  


The reason
That people Stop trying

That's because they think it means something on them.

(And something Not good…)  


for example
When the boss Doesn't give me a bonus,
Or when she / he I did not respond to my request
Or once again I did not make it To reachDesired weight
And more ...

Most people think that means
That they're not good enough / smart / pretty ...


listen to me…

It says about you is nothing !

by any chance the good is a Does not belong to you

But other factors ...


And just in case Indicated It allows you Learn Life lesson
to change
the Your energy About what happened
Get Great gift For the rest of your life.


Did you see a smile?  🙂  



Meanwhile, waking up exercise:


Warning against 2 destructive traps !


trap Knowledge!
Don't fall
 To trap Knowledge of "I already know that"
Because Knowledge gives you nothing, Ничего, Rien, Nada, لا شئ, Nothing…

Impressive results are only achieved by me Application (True) of knowledge (true)!
(Most people who think it's irrelevant to them, most In need To that)


trap Faith!
Don't fall
 To trap Faith of "It doesn't look right / it's too simple, etc."
Because Faith comes Following Results… so You don't have to believe, Check it out Then decide!


So… if you want Progress For results
Take a minute to think And answer the following success practice…


Practice 1 minute to your success!

(It Awakening exercise And not what you learn in the program…)


Focus on something you have failed several times…

And answer the question:
What can it say ... (except you can't or can't)?


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What is the to take From insight and practice to success
And what can you do? Do to benefit now
And I'll respond to you personally ...



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The secret The ancient Control the results!


I'll tell you in the next few minutes 

How to improve my mouth X Any result you choose!


עילאי מיכאלי - גורם ה-97%®


Very pleasant, my name is supreme Michaeli.

I know you came here because you are wants to Better (much) better results.
It is important that you pay attention to every word
Because you will find that it is the best solution in Israel to control your results
And he'll save you a lot of pain and a lot of money!


Want the secret to controlling your results?

The more your control at the ROOT of the result Get better,
Your score will improve In multiples of 10!
for example 
If you want to improve your score by100%
are you Must Improve control at the ROOT of the result In 101 TP1T.


It exactly I'll tell you later…


What result is important for you to improve?

Is that a problem In relationships Do you exist or maybe you can't develop a relationship?
Maybe you're 'tearing' yourself off at work and not bringing enough Of money Home?
Or negative emotions like Anger, fear or anxiety Are you running?
Maybe Procrastination or lack of confidence or Adds assertiveness Are you arrested?
or Stuck In a particular area makes you feel blocked?
Maybe a sense of Loss of control What happens to you?

Or maybe you feel Lack of realization or Lack of joy in life


And how did you try to solve it to this day?

What you have done to date to solve this problem is that you may have tried it yourself
Reading books, or maybe you went to therapists or coaches, maybe you did workshops
And various courses and you invested thousands of shekels and lots of time and lots of hope
(After some of them promised you mountains and hills) and as I can see
Many people may even have seen a change for a while.

and then…
The unwanted result Returning For herself (and with her disappointment) as if there were
Hidden power blocking you…

Because you focused on the symptom instead
In the cause Cause Who rules At root (95%) Your result!


Imagine controlling your results And feel that your destiny is in your hands your.

The result This one We are aiming.


This is how it works

Each result consists of 2 Factors:
1. The visible cause which is the symptom (5%)
2. The hidden factor that is the root (95%)

Studies reveal that causes hidden thing
Controls95% From the result (ROOT of your result)




In neurology
(Brain Research - Dr. Gerhard Roth)
(Outside Gardens - Dr. Bruce Lipton)

(Given that we are not aware of)

95 of the time
 Workers Enabled In a survival pattern
(instead of Template of success)



in order to Control your score 
(the world The exterior your)

are you have to control at the ROOT of the result
(the world The inner your)



Your 2 Dimensions of Mind
(Conscious + subconscious)

That's the cause Cause Who controls95% From your result.


of the Problem

In practice you have control of
about- 5%
B-Mind conscious
and- 0%
B-The subconscious mind

andthere is no Synchronizing Between the conscious and the subconscious

so of the result
or Progress in pace or Unwanted direction!



In summary, there are 2 Truths Haim !

1. To control the result Must control at the ROOT The result.

2. Control at the ROOT of the result Achieved only By Synchronizing Between the Conscious and the Subconscious Mind.



The hidden fact!

there is no One technique That creates Synchronizing between The subconscious mind…

for example

Coaching, Scientology, Theta Healing, Humankind, Landmark, Frequency, Aryan Lev Method, EMDR,
Elijah Shiri, Omega, Meditation, Byron Katie, CBT, Journey, Brain 1,
Natalie Ben David - Satya, Mindfulness Mindfulness, Ora Golan Method, Eric Peled Method,
Cy-Psych Psych-K,  
Deutscher Method, Guided Imagination, Awareness - Metaism, NLP

Or others who use techniques Who give (maybe) A partial And symptom relief (result)
such as
Guided Imagination, Meditations, Autosuggestions and Positive Statements…


The Complete Solution Control the outcome
control at the ROOT of the result
2 Dimensions of the Mind

(Conscious + subconscious)


Any technique Therapist (maybe) Only in 1 From 2 dimensions of the Mind (Conscious + subconscious) simultaneously
and hence Does not create Synchronizing between our conscious and subconscious mind But gives (maybe) A partial And symptom relief.


Which is fine as long as you realize it's just an SOS and not a solution to the problem


The more effective the technique In relieving / stopping the symptom It may cause damage bigger !

Why ?

Because most of the time it seems like The problem was solved while it was unsolved (But the symptom)
And so it is driven From us handle at the ROOT The result, Nothing Perpetuating and deepening The problem ...


After a while we find out That we wasted
Months / years and thousands / tens of thousands andthe problem is still there…


In conclusion

The difference between the different solutions:
♦ Others give Symptom solution (partial / temporary solution)
♦ Here you will get A to the Root The result (Solution Complete and permanent)


"A new reality is being created only By Removing the cause of the existing reality…"



That is, the truth is simple!

Just a solution complete solution It didn't exist until now

I'm happy to introduce you now Revolutionary formula Who gives  
control at the ROOT of the result In your personal and professional life
And more than that, I'll give you a chance experience In some of the formula
Symbolic ownership and full responsibility to experience outcome You'll be amazed you !


להיפתח לרבדים העמוקים יותר של החיים


Cracking the secret The ancient Control the results!

After 13 years of development,
I came toRevolutionary formula That you give
control At root (95%) of the result
And brings For significant and fast results improvement 
Because she's focused In the cause Instead of a problem.


הרגשה כאילו מישהו נותן לך מפתח לאזיקים שכובלים אותך. ~ איתן


Multi-dimensional (complete) solution only In Israel

control at the ROOT of the result

The Code

Synchronizing Energetic for success

© Record Creation # 3856

A complete solution control at the ROOT of the result
based on Formula Revolutionary
of 3 processes Individuals In Israel
(With a number of unique techniques)


3 Keys The Mind ™

3 מפתחות ה-Mind

key 1
The Code Present ™ – Re-programming the Mind The conscious

key 2
Code Past ™ – Re-programming the Mind The subconscious

key 3 
Haim Sync ™ Synchronizing between our conscious and subconscious mind


הגאונות של השיטה היא חיבור החלקים לשלם.


Why choose this solution over all other options?

the answer:

Synchronizing between our conscious and subconscious mind 
It's the secret to controlling your results
And is achieved only by me

 3 Keys The Mind
© Record Creation # 3856 

Without it, you will not (over time) achieve the desired result
No matter how many workshops or treatments you do!



Give me 90 minutes (demo session) andI'll find out

to you how Control in-95% From your result !


Where is the experience meeting?
in Tel Aviv
(Near Arlozorov Central Railway Station - address appears after registration)
In hours 18:00 – 19:30

How is it determined today?
You sign up In the blue button To register down,
And indicates favorite days or days that you cannot
And will meet with you within 3 days.


You will receive a demo session

1. Explained how The formula Revolutionary  3 Keys The Mind ™ Help you

2. The part The central: Unique technique demonstration On A real life situation You choose
And within 30 minutes you will experience a change outcome That will amaze you !

3. Reply For your personal questions + a gift from thousands


It's a unique process experience
In one of the unique techniques
 With Immediate consequence to your life


אתה לא יוצא אותו בן אדם שנכנסת.


For the upcoming demo session I give you 67% off

instead of 450 Only 150!

Why am I giving a discount?
Because I want to allow you
Experiment with the result You'll be amazed you…
So you get excited about what's possible for you In the process plan Of 3 months.


And to make it irresistible I also give you
Full responsibility
If you do not get an amazing result your money will be refunded to you.

חץ למטה

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Complete the personal questionnaire
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חץ למטה




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