Law of Attraction

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חוק המשיכה

"Until you turn Your subconscious mind,
is a Will manage You smile and you will call it fate. "
~ Carl Young


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and hence The negative energy שנוצרת כתוצאה מכך
מפעילה את Law of Attraction שמושך לחיים שלנו דברים באותו תדר אנרגיה 


  What is the Law of Attraction and how does it work?

תראה/י את הוידאו

11:40 minutes



Law of Attraction Law of Attraction

You probably agree that we live in a universe governed by a number of physical laws.

Take, for example, the law of gravity.
We don't really know how it works,
But we see proof that it works every day.

So it's not a matter of whether we believe it or not,
The law of gravity works every moment of life.

And there are other such laws that work
Without our conscious focus or belief.


One of these laws is the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction Certainly like the law of gravity Cube The results in your life…

Some Of money You will, how you look The couple Yours, the situation Health your,
Success Yours or all Another thing in life your.


Law of Attraction Also determines whether you will live a life full of stress,
Worry and fear, or a happy and success-oriented life.
Without understanding how this law affects your life,
Your life will continue to look uncertain.
The things you respond to every day are a direct result
Of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs


Unfortunately most people will argue that it's the opposite.

That things just "Happen"To us (fate) and that's what causes it
We must feel the way we feel.
And all we can do is make the most of what Happens
Because we don't really have control over the events in our life.


Most people live their lives this way,
Accept things as they are - Hope For the best,
While they were You get the opposite.
It is a matter of self-awareness.

You don't have to be part of this circle,
In fact you are Can come out Whenever you want,
When you understand
Law of Attraction.

And although this law has existed for thousands of years,
Most people who consider themselves "logical"
You will not receive it…
They will say it is nonsense and not science or reality based.

As you know, centuries thought the earth was flat.
but thinking That something is right or wrong does not make it so.

Which is really It is important These The results That we are experiencing
While we live by these thoughts.

Let's see you Law of Attraction In the right perspective.
You must have heard the saying that says "similarly attractive similar".
is a Completely true.


Why ?

Because everything in our universe is built From energy.

Science has proven that a certain energy attracts similar energy.


Everything in this universe, including Our thoughts, Built of energy.
If you don't believe that to be true
Then the question is asked what you think Are you made?

You might say "meat and bones".

Okay, so the next logical question would be,
What are your meat and bones made of?


Okay, and what are your cells made of?


Okay, and what are they doing?

"atoms" ?

Okay, and what are the atoms made of?

If we keep asking the question,
Finally the answer must bring us back to the basic material from which we all are
When the physical stuff is over, we are left with only one thing: Energy!

You cannot deny the fact That we are made of energy.
Quantum science Already proved to be true.


And something important to know about energy.
Every energy has Magnetic properties specificity.

In simple terms, we actually are Magnets.
As magnets, we attract things all the time,
Even if we are
Not aware To that.


This magnetic energy has Vibration (Vibration) with different frequencies,
And frequencies
These determine the The magnetic properties Of energy.

Basically this means:
Our energy is a The secret In making a change in our lives and attracting
Anything We want.

To do this we need to change Energy frequency our
So it will fit
Why we are Want alive.


Let's look at this one more level.
only want Something and even to believe You can
Get it in the brain The conscious it is not enough.

The reason we don't have what we want is because we have it inside us
Systems Negative energy Which managers
Our lives for years.


These energy systems are so deeply rooted in the brain The subconscious our,
We have no idea they're even there.

So, we have good intentions, we are positive, we try to live
good life,
But we keep going Get over and over again The same ones Problematic / Medium Results!

It seems that everything and everyone Against us.


Does that sound familiar to you?


So, once you understand Law of Attraction,
You realize you can be Positive (consciously) Whatever it is,
But if The magnetic point of attraction Of your subconscious going opposite direction,
Contrary to the thing you want 
(For example, you say "I want to be rich"
But deep in the subconscious you can be editorial board
Negative energy That says
"I would love to be rich but I don't deserve to be richer than my parents"

Or "The only way I'll be rich is to win the lottery"),
You will continue to attract more than you are
Do not want,
Even though you are a human being are good And "positive."


It also answers the question of why bad things happen to good people.
Think about it !


You can be a "good" person,
But if Energy frequency Of your subconscious going in the opposite direction,
Experience the "bad" things you don't want.
so Gravity works.


And again Self-awareness
and… Awakening in the Present Wakefulness

In other words if there is gap Energetic between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind,
So-called conflicting messages,

Energy The subconscious will determine The result we get (as stated strong Million times) !


It is important to understand that the main force that activates energy and brings results in our lives
That's the feeling
Stemming from our thoughts.

Therefore, we must make sure we are Aware To energy
We send it out to the universe
And "arrangements"
Her in such a way that she won't leave
the Our energetic system And in form Unconscious
Create what
That we don't want.

You can not violate Physical Law.
Energy frequency Will always find you The energy compatible His.

And in conclusion,
The universe we live in is Unlimited.
The only thing that is limited are both Beliefs and systems
Our energy.


The universe (the creative process) doesn't care if you receive wealth or poverty,
Good or bad, health or sickness, success or failure.


the universe Not a judge Whether you can get something or not,
It's simple reagent To your energy

For example, if 
You send energy of failure, such as the thought:
"I'm scared / don't want to fail", What do you think 
You pull?

More failures!

Self-awareness + Awakening in the Present Wakefulness Have we already said?

The secret of gravity he Synchronizing Energetic between The subconscious mind.

The choice She is yours,
Because the universe can To give you a great deal What you can imagine.


Don't give For simplicity Of this secret to deceive you.

This is the secret to magnet and pull Anything To your life!


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But for most people There is no active self-awareness
To this power and the huge impact it has on our lives.

The few who have self-awareness of it,
Don't usually know how to use it properly!


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