The 3 Sync Keys to Success™ 

Synchronizing between our conscious and subconscious mind

100% success in controlling emotions behavior and result

חיפוש אהבה

Seeking love in the wrong place



Creates a method
3 keys this SYNC For Success ™
יצירה רשומה מס’ 3856
 הפרוטוקול לשליטה ברגשות בהתנהגות ובתוצאה 


Practice for success

The practice appears below

Seeking love in the wrong place

חיפוש אהבה במקום הלא נכון

Most people Playing games So called
"I love you if you do what I want. "


כמה אהבה זה ? 🙂

The fact is That we all are We did it.

Another fact is that no one likes to admit that most of us do Manipulations,

That it is our will For approval, control and security.


Because we usually want to That others will give us something that is within us,
It usually creates Stress and stress in our relationships !

You can be sure that if you are Require Love From everyone all the time,
The result will be that they will move away from you…


The same is true when They ask for it from us.


The result is that when someone walks away, we feel Rejected.
and then Self image Our going down,
And the image of the other in our eyes Because he rejected us…


pay attention, That nothing positive was created As a result of this behavior.

Many people think that to That they have love,
They have to accept it From someone else or doing something for this.


A lot of us think we should That others will give us things such as:
Love, permission, joy, material things, gifts And more,
Other We will not these things
or We won't be able to Experience the experiences ourselves.


This indicates confusion about the boss's identity!


Meanwhile, waking up exercise:


Warning against 2 destructive traps !


trap Knowledge!
Don't fall
To trap Knowledge of "I already know that"
Because Knowledge gives you nothing, Ничего, Rien, Nada, لا شئ, Nothing…

Impressive results are only achieved by me Application (True) of knowledge (true)!
(Most people who think it's irrelevant to them, most In need To that)


trap Faith!
Don't fall
To trap Faith of "It doesn't look right / it's too simple, etc."
Because Faith comes Following Results… so You don't have to believe, Check it out Then you decide!


So… if you want Progress For results
Take a minute to think And answer the following success practice…


Practice 1 minute for your success!

(It Awakening exercise And not what you learn in the program…)


Focus on what you expect to receive from someone else…

And answer the question:
How can I give this thing to myself?


* You can write down comments below
Your experience / question related to the topic and treat it personally
Or call 03-6969221



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Love and smile,


עילאי מיכאלי - גורם ה-97%®


hi I'm ILay Michaeli

Developer and creator The Code The factor97%®

I help people Control their results
By Exclusive method Tocontrol at the ROOT of the result:
Synchronizing Energetic between The Subconscious Mind ™
© Record Creation # 3856


The goal is to move from… Quick solution" or "Symptomatic"
To… A Roots !


 מה השיטה איתה הוא עובד?  זה לא השיטה. זה האדם! התדר בו הוא נמצא. האמת הפנימית שהוא מצליח לחיות על פיה. נסיון חייו שהביאו אותו לפתח משהו שיש בו כלים פשוטים אך ששילובם הנכון ודרך העבודה לא מאפשרים לך לברוח מההתמודדות ומסייעים לך לעבור אותה. הוא לא נראה מורה רוחני באופן המוכר וגם לא מדבר או מתנהג כך. הוא משלב רוחניות וכלים מעשיים שיחד יוצרים סנכרון בין מודע לתת מודע ובעיקר מחברים אותך לאמת שלך. לשיעורי החיים שלך, למסר שהם מביאים ולהוצאתו לפועל. הוא לא אדם דתי אך יותר מאמין, מחובר, ישר ואמיתי מכל אדם דתי שהכרתי.



 There is a gap between Want your result?

Parity… Money… Relationships… Career / Business  
Self-confidence… anger… anxiety… fear… health  


The truth different From what you were told…


Condition Control the outcome 

There was, is and will be

control at the ROOT The result!

(promise: Never You have not experienced Such a revolutionary thing…)  

A must for those who really want to open up 
"To the deeper layers of life

להיפתח לרבדים העמוקים יותר של החיים

What is the The reason (The research) L.Stuck


between The desire for the result?

Parity… Money… Relationships… Career / Business 
Self-confidence… anger… anxiety… fear… health 

Although Courses and treatments in various techniques… 


The research reason 

95-99% From time to time we are Enabled In survival pattern!

(instead of Template of success)

We control Only 5% of the time In the present
and hence My programming Moved Dominate 95% of the time
In the results Our atpresent time And bFuture…

(That's why most of our results reflect only Small part Possible result)  




in the field Neurology (brain research)
(Outside gardens)


"95-99% of the time Hidden factor Activates us
In a survival pattern
instead of Template of success"



The basic mistake!

We are trying Change the result
By zip code In symptom of the result
instead of
ROOT The result!
(On average 97% From the result)


So the result


Stuck or Progress in unwanted rhythm / direction !

(We control only At5% From the result And not the realization The designation)

האמת נחשפת בפניך !

in order to Control our result (the world Outer)
we Must To rule the world The innerROOT Our result! 
(2 Dimensions of Mind: Conscious * + subconscious)

* The control Consciously Necessary Controllable Subconsciously
and… To study Life lessons Ours!

so Required control B- 2 Dimensions of the Mind,
also Control inaware andalso Control inUnconscious


in order to That the solution will be complete solution

In addition Controllable Consciously and subconsciously

סנכרון בין המודע לתת-מודע שלנו


Necessary to create

Synchronizing Energetic between the subconscious mind!

(Otherwise, the subconscious rings will not be erased from the root That trigger us)



the experience Workaround
By Quick solution" or "Symptomatic"
with no Removing The exact reason Because of this, the result happened
(By Blocking Signals of distress of body and / or mind)
instead of 'Care ROOT'

and hence 

There are blemishes, which means the result remains or Coming back!

(By appearance Same symptom or Other With him ROOT)


 After a while we Discover That we wasted
Months / years and thousands / tens of thousands of NIS and the problem still exists…



Smashing a Myth!

there is no technique One That can solve a problem Something
Because every problem is Multidimensional.

Because each technique handles In one dimension only
She might give Partial or temporary solution
but Not a multidimensional solution to the Root of the result
and hence of the Problem You remain or Returning !



Revolutionary and exclusive!

First method And single In Israel

Who gives A multi dimensional

control at the ROOT of the result


A complete solution Control the result!

The Code

Synchronizing Energetic for success

A multi dimensional Which includes 3 processes Exclusive
control at the ROOT of the result
With 100% success !

1. control Baware
(Present + Life lessons)

2. Control bUnconscious
(My programming has moved + Life lessons)

3. ToSync between our conscious and subconscious mind



this Life Skill # 1 in order to 
Connect Identify our complement,
Go upstairs The designation our…
Thus realizing the It is our responsibility to be partners in creating ourselves

As it says in Proverbs: "In the end, the fate ..." (Tz LEG)
Rashi: "Destiny will be cast in the lap"- Between himself and himself a man casts destiny



The question must be asked!

Why choose the
The Complete Solution Controllable at the ROOT of the result
Over all The other solutions?

"The law is not so sweet At its root"
Tree of Life Gate 13 th PIA

"Without Synchronizing Between our subconscious mind
We won't get it (Over time)
the of the result Desired,
Not important Some workshops and / or treatments
has been done !"



The hidden fact!

there is no One technique That creates Synchronizing between The subconscious mind…

for example

Coaching, Scientology, Theta Healing, Humankind, Landmark, Frequency, Aryan Lev Method, EMDR,
Elijah Shiri, Omega, Meditation, Byron Katie, CBT, Journey, Brain 1,
Natalie Ben David - Satya, Mindfulness Mindfulness, Ora Golan Method, Eric Peled Method,
Cy-Psych Psych-K,  
Deutscher Method, Guided Imagination, Awareness - Metaism, NLP

Or others who use techniques Who give (maybe) A partial And symptom relief (result)
such as
Guided Imagination, Meditations, Autosuggestions and Positive Statements…


The Complete Solution Control the outcome
control at the ROOT of the result
2 Dimensions of the Mind

(Conscious and subconscious)


Any technique Therapist (maybe) Only in 1 From 2 dimensions of the Mind (Conscious + subconscious) simultaneously
and hence Does not create Synchronizing between our conscious and subconscious mind But gives (maybe) A partial And symptom relief.


The more effective the technique of relieving / stopping the symptom It may cause damage bigger !
Why ?
Because most of the time it seems like The problem was solved while it was unsolved (But the symptom)
And so it is driven From us handle at the ROOT The result, Nothing Perpetuating and deepening The problem ...

After a while we Discover That we wasted
Months / years and thousands / tens of thousands andthe problem is still there…


So when we are Focus on the outcome itself (symptom)
By experience Change / cancel the symptom
instead of to focus In the cause (root) Because of this, the result happened (symptom)
All we do is try Workaround
And kill the messenger
instead of Benefit From the message His

and hence

The result remains or Returning
By appearance Same symptom or Other With him ROOT (Until studying The message)!


In conclusion

"A new reality is being created only By Removing the cause of the existing reality…"



in practice

We deal with almost everything possible ...
Besides The reason for the existing reality!


"Want to make a change with One method
I'm tired of jumping from one method to another!"



Exclusive in Israel

A multi dimensional control at the ROOT Your result!

"Therapist In the cause Instead of a problem and the results are Instant"


As seen in

ישראל היום, The Marker, הארץ, nrg


The Code Synchronizing Energetic ™ between the subconscious mind

© Record Creation # 3856


התוכנית מטפלת בסיבה ולא בבעיה והתוצאוות הן מיידיות ומתגמלות. עינת.


method Revolutionary Exclusive ToControl of results
1. Warranty Written ToThe effectiveness of the techniques
2. Track unique ToMaximizing results


The Code



The factor97%
Trademark No. 279397 .Trade Mark No

Synchronizing The "energy"unit"- Conscious + Subconscious
Trademark No. 279984 .Trade Mark No



What is the That differentiates the The method is from others
he The Mechanism The unique Of the method:


The Code 3 Keys God-Mind ™

ToSynchronizing between The Subconscious Mind ™

© Record Creation # 3856


3 מפתחות ה-Mind


Why The Code 3 Keys ™

Is a solution complete solution Control the result?

because he Includes 3 processes Exclusive
control at the ROOT of the result
With 100% success !

1. control Baware
(Present + Life lessons)

2. Control bUnconscious
(My programming has moved + Life lessons)

3. ToSync between our conscious and subconscious mind

הגאונות של השיטה היא חיבור החלקים לשלם.

If you are a graduate of workshops Various Without satisfactory result
Have you ever asked yourself Question of questions:
"Why wasn't the problem solved?"


The answer is that you may have A partial And symptom relief

but You did not receive A complete solution SUCCESSIncludes 3 processes Exclusive
control at the ROOT of the result
With 100% success !

1. control Baware
(Present + Life lessons)

2. Control bUnconscious
(My programming has moved + Life lessons)

3. ToSync between our conscious and subconscious mind


And maximize results
Personal support Exactly That lowers the success rates up to 500% times !



"The program has managed to get me in the state of mind, alertness and control that no one has been able to bring me before."

לאחר פגישות עם מומחי CBT, פסיכולוגים, מומחי EMDR, התוכנית הצליחה להביא אותי למצב נפשי, ערות ושליטה שאף אחד לא הצליח להביא אותי לפני כן. - אילן - מנהל הייטק



One The gifts Most important You get in the process
She dishes Exclusive In Israel To take With you for the rest of your life
And give it to you The ability control In your results andIn the direction your life

This is how you become To the Master Of your life… Regardless In external factors!



meeting Results

If you want to check now
how The Exclusive control at the ROOT of the result
Can help you get the The result you want

Come on To the meeting experience
Where you will meet me As a partner On the way
And you will receive A clear answer Through
Awe-inspiring result

חץ למטה




2 Truths Haim


1. Condition Control the outcome he control at the ROOT The result.

2. Control at the ROOT of the result Achieved by Synchronizing Between the Conscious and the Subconscious Mind.
(there is no One technique that creates Synchronizing Between the subconscious mind)


The Code The factor97%® gives Unique multidimensional solution without me
ToCreate Synchronizing Between the conscious and the subconscious + learning Life lessons.



"This is no longer a workshop, it is a life plan"


"I split my life in two, before and after the program"

אני מחלק את חיי לשניים, לפני ואחרי התוכנית.


Get it The Complete Solution control at the ROOT of the result

That will allow you Achieve admirable results !

חץ למטה



מה אתם לחשוב ולהגיד על הטיפ הזה?


רוצה סוף סוף לשנות את התוצאה שלך עכשיו ?

בוא/י נהיה ישירים וישרים.
תגיד/י לי מה הבעיה שאת/ה רוצה לפתור
ואני אגיד לך אם אני יכול לתת לך responsibility To 100% Success!

כדי לוודא שאני נותן לך responsibility To 100% success לתוצאה הרצויה לך

לחץ/י על תמונת הפייסבוק מסנג'ר כדי לשלוח הודעה אישית עם פירוט הבעיה


לחץ/י על תמונת הוואטסאפ כדי לשלוח הודעה אישית עם פירוט הבעיה

Want to get practice for success and free insights?
Sign up here

יש לך בעיה ?
לא צריך לפתור את הבעיה [הסימפטום]…
אלא את מה that creates את הבעיה – הסיבה/השורש של הבעיה.

"מה שמנהל אותנו זה ROOT התוצאה – מערכת ההפעלה שלנו שמורכבת מ המודע ו תת-המודע.
כאשר נמצא את הדרך לשלוט בשניהם ולהבין את Life lessons מאחוריהם, תהיה לנו שליטה בחיים שלנו !"


שיטת 3 מפתחות this SYNC For Success ™

She The unit שנותנת:

1 - control bROOT The result, also Consciously andalso Subconsciously
To create Synchronizing המודע ותת-המודע להצלחה תוך כדי לימוד Life lessons

2 – responsibility כתובה ל 100% success לתוצאה הרצויה לך

נא לשתף את הפוסט באהבה

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