Prison of beliefs

כלא של אמונות

There are things we don't know that we don't know.

And this fact, perhaps more than anything else,

Prevents us Living the best life we can have.

What does that mean?


When people know they don't know anything

And they want to know about this,

They study it.


So if you know that your relationships can be better,

And that it is possible to stop worrying about the opinions of others,

And it's possible to get rid of the beliefs that keep you from being more successful in life ...

And assuming you want improvement in those areas, you Learners What to do.


You can search Google to find where help can be found.

You can ask friends, what they did,

You can read books and take courses, and the like.


But what if, you think relationships Can't get better Beyond what you already have…

Although your not so good?

What if, you think everyone is worried about what others think of them

And that's it Human nature Want to like and accept others?

And what if, you think Beliefs cannot be disposed of over time,

Regularly, or you are You will not succeedDoesn't matter how hard you try?


People like that Not looking for a solution Because they don't think a solution exists.


In fact, it's worse than that,

Too many people are not even aware that something is wrong ...


In other words,

If you don't know there's a better thing in life and you can get it,

So you even are Don't look for him.


What I suggest to people is something Valuable Most of whom don't even look for it:

The ability Get rid of the negative beliefs and programming forever Which cause most of their life problems,

and you The key Improve their quality of life over time.


And most people are not looking for someone to help them get rid of the blocking beliefs forever,

Because they are Think That it is not possible.


Most people are not looking for someone

To help them do "reprogramming" (Reprogramming) For a cause that causes negative emotions such as,

Anxiety, fear and anger, because most people Not aware That such feelings,

They are usually the result of Subconscious programming And that "programming" will make those feelings go away.  


One example of people not looking for what they don't know is possible,

This is their experience in the process "Who am I?"From Life Code Encryption Program.


This process allows people to do Distinguishing between them as "creators" and the result, "creation."

They realize they are Not their beliefs,

Neither their behavior nor the feelings that result from these beliefs.

They realize that they are the creators of the beliefs,

These thoughts or feelings - for example, have you ever heard someone say "I feel nervous "?


No ... people say "I'm nervous" ... that is,

they Do not distinguish between them and the emotion,

And then if it's me, then it's inseparable,

Because it's me - but it's not us - we just chose to feel that feeling right now,

Whatever it is,

And we can change it anytime we choose ...


In other words, who we are is a non-dual (non-dual) awareness…

And as a result, people understand and feel that they are not their life,

And as such, nothing is missing, everything is possible and has no limitations at all.  

Few people, searching on Google, find a way to experience this experience ...


Unfortunately, people do not look for the most significant and profound experiences in life,

Because they are Don't know they exist.

It is possible to live a happy, exciting and fulfilling life.

It is possible to eliminate negative emotions immediately,

By changing the meaning you gave to events in your life.


It's possible to always get rid of the beliefs and programming that causes most of your life's problems.

It's possible to experience yourself as creators of your life, with nothing missing ... And anything is possible.

There may be Beliefs and programming that will stand in your way. 


You may feel Not happy

Following the meaning you give to your everyday events (what happens in your life). 

Overeating can be The conditional response Your to certain causes / stimuli.


You may not have what you want in certain areas of life,

You may experience anxiety most of the time,

And you may have common life problems such as, procrastination, self-insecurity, stress, etc. 

And it's possible to overcome all of these and live a truly wonderful life.


I know this from my life experience and many others I have accompanied.


Please, do not give up the possibility that your life can be everything you dreamed 

And more than that, it could be so much more than that.

So, what do you guys think of the idea that there are things we don't know we don't know?


That we are not trying to improve things that we think are normal.

And we don't look for solutions when we think they don't exist?



Love and smile,


עילאי מיכאלי - גורם ה-97%®

ILay Michaeli

The key to the high method Energy Sync
Energetic Sync ™ between The subconscious mind


Former Mental Coach of Maccabi Tel Aviv Players,

TV show "The Mirror" on Channel 10,

And author of the book "The Secret of Human Mechanism"