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לנסות להיות חיובי לא עובד

Trying to be positive doesn't work

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Trying to be positive doesn't work.

Most people try to be Positive.

We are trying to put Positive mask What is happening to us,
When deep inside we feel very no charges.

Most people do so because of it Conventional wisdom It's better to be positive than negative, optimistic rather than pessimistic.

We are consistently warned that we should not be victims, but to look at the bright side of things.

And of course it is important to eliminate negative thoughts from the conscious mind so that they do not materialize by the Law of Attraction.

Unfortunately, pretending we do not feel what we actually feel, do not raise emotions and certainly Not the Their influence on us, mentally and physiologically.

Yes we can repress Them so that we are not in full contact with them for a short time.

But feelings we are not consciously aware of, yet Will affect About our behavior and health.

Suppressed fear will still govern our behavior, and suppressed anger is linked, among other things, to heart disease.

It is important to understand:
All our emotions, positive and negative, are the result of Interpretation That we give to events in our lives, every day.

By Change of interpretation (Meaning) that we give to events, we simultaneously exchange the negative feelings created by the interpretation!

Events are meaningless.
Therefore, they cannot make us feel anything…

Our emotions Christians Mostly from the interpretation we give to things.

For example, we call a friend and leave a few messages but he doesn't come back to us after a day / two.
Most people will give a negative interpretation such as, "He doesn't care about me", "He rejects me", "Maybe it's because something is wrong with me" while in fact the friend may not have come back to us because for one reason or another he didn't see the messages or couldn't Would answer.

It can be anything ...

What does this really mean?

You can see that the friend didn't come back to us, There is no real meaning.

so what to do?

to wake up!

Practice 1 minute to your success!

(This is a waking exercise and not what you learn in the program…)

Focus on an event that happened recently to a certain person and experience a negative emotion (anger, insecurity, fear, sadness, etc.)…

And answer the question:
What interpretation did you give to what a person said and / or did that made you feel what you were feeling ?

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