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The Secret of Human Mechanism

Why do people do what they do ...

And not what they can do for them ?!

Feeling stuck?

Time and time again the same results?

In what areas of your life are you  Live now good results More?

Image and self-confidence?

Career and money ?

Spouses and family?

Interpersonal and communication ?

Motivation and perseverance?

Body and health ?

Another area?


Have you ever wondered how it happens that despite your strong will,

The honest attempts and progress along the way 

Do you always go back to the same starting point?


What is the Blocker you?

Want you The secret For success?

The Secret Book of Human Mechanism Reveals the Key to Maximizing Personal Potential

ספר סוד המכניזם האנושי

Among the subjects of the Book of Secret Mechanism:

# Why don't people get what they want?

# awareness and self image

# Human operating system

# The power of thoughts and beliefs

# The power of change

# present power

# Universal Laws

# fears and the way to overcome them

# The 5 Steps to Achieve Results

This book was written in 2005
Excluding The following topics:
* 3 Mind Keys

* The subconscious cipher

* Synchronizing Among the subconscious mind ™

The cost of Ilai Michaeli's e-booksecret The human mechanism ' Is NIS 97 

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