Hi, my name is ILay Michaeli

יוצר השיטה 3 Keys to Success ™ Sync

 Among other things, I served as the mental coach of the Maccabi Tel Aviv players, 
Of the participants in the TV show "The Mirror" 
And I authored the book The Secret of Human Mechanism.

השיטה שפיתחתי במשך 13 years 
Lets achieve Quick results are admirable
Accurate cracking of ROOT of the result

A few words about how it all started…
18 years ago I realized I was repeating them over and over again Problematic behaviors Who led 
For painful failures Both in the personal field and in the business field.
It looks like I am Managed remote control 
And it made me frustrated, miserable and I was close to despair.

After years of searching for a solution that cost me close to half a million , In which I tried different techniques and approaches, 
I realized in retrospect that the techniques worked In external symptoms And gave Temporary partial solution
But were not treated at the ROOT of the Problem.

I realized there was something very Deep that blocks me And my success But I did not find a solution
And the repeated failures brought me down To frustration and helplessness

 One day (the day that changed my life),
I received as a gift an old book with it Unique technique.
Something made me use the technique that day, and for the first time I saw A substantial change. 
The change was quick and complete and I suddenly started producing Results that amazed me and others.

For the first time I felt That control of my life passes to me.

From this moment
 it became For mission 
And for 13 years 
I got to cracking the Hidden Cause The result.

The result is Winning formula One And single 
That crackles the ROOT The result [which determines 97% From the result] 
And makes us masters of our lives.
The formula Exclusive Allows us 97% [and up] Result control.

And I present it to you today
3 Keys to Success ™ Sync

The results
That people get in all areas of life in activation The exclusive formula
Amazing them Both from the result itself and from the speed with which the result is achieved.
People come to the program with a main goal and within the process they get Unexpected bonuses 
same as Weight lossDecrease in blood pressure Plus, even though they didn't work on it directly 
Because in the moment Cracked Root It affects all our external life cycles…

Smashing a Myth!
People think that guided imagery, meditations or positive thoughts / statements create a change in outcome.
Not really…

The truth
 Is that it treats In symptom And creator manipulation On reality with a result partially andtemporarily
And so after a while we find that we have wasted time and money And the problem comes back in the same or other hat.

Most training and therapy methods are therapeutic In symptoms The external
By techniques like Guided imagery, meditations and positive statements.

of the Problem
Techniques like 
Guided imagery, meditations and positive statements 
ConstitutePlaster'And do manipulation On reality
 But do not crack the The reason The result
  Therefore they may give partial or temporary relief but Do not solve The problem.

The secret of the method
Is cracking Accurate personal of ROOT The result that determines the result!

Cracking the 2 parts of the Mind [conscious and subconscious] by 3 processes Exclusive:
1. Synchronizing The conscious - cracking and treating Precise In thoughts and feelings to control the outcome in real time
2. Synchronizing The subconscious - cracking and neutralizing Precise Of blocking programming
To be released From blocking effects Of previously imprinted beliefs
3. Synchronizing Between the conscious and the subconscious + learning Life lessons To create Sync to success

One of the things I hear from people over and over That use the unique method
It's a feeling Happiness That they experience as a result of finally having them
The freedom to control their results and feel That their destiny is in their hands!

Imagine yourself controlling yourself and your results and feeling That your destiny is in your hands.

As it is written in Proverbs: "In destiny he will cast lots" (16 Lag)
Rashi: "Fate will be imposed on the lap" - between himself a person casts destiny

השיטה לסנכרון הצלחה !

♦ היחידה שנותנת פתרון complete solution to the Root of the Problem
 היחידה שנותנת responsibility to- 100% success

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 Out of method 3 Keys to Success ™ Sync
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Solve the problem From the root ולהשתחרר מכל מה שחוסם אותך 
כדי שתהיה לך שליטה בתוצאה ובגורל שלך !

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