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Film programming is empowering

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Life Insight + 1 minute practice for success
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Empowering Movie Programming - What Does It Mean?

Have you ever thought about how kids can sit for hours and watch replay of their favorite movie?

It's amazing how they voluntarily see the same movie without any complaint or demand for something new.

What's even more amazing is that adults do the same with their time.

Most people Movie runners Obstacles In their heads time and time again, focussed on watching a past event, most of them Unpleasant negative experiences.

And even if they are able to stop for a moment to look at past events, they do Present interpretations of circumstances and consequences present to manage their lives.

And from time to time they will look at the future by me Worrying about him or hoping something better happens.

Then they marvel at why bad things keep happening to them or why they never rise above the barriers in their lives!

The problem is that most people have never learned how Film programming is empowering In their head, because they were not taught The value + way of controlling their result in time REAL Time.

Practice 1 minute to your success!

(This is a waking exercise and not what you learn in the program…)

Focus on the 'obnoxious movie' you run ...

And answer the question:
Why are you running this 'obnoxious movie'?

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