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The Code Sync ™

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Hi my name is ILay Michaeli And I developed The Code Sync ™
That helps people achieve
Upper decile results.
but upside down From others… (no different - upside down)


People come to me because they don't
Get to the result they want.

And although they have already tried different solutions
And they are committed to achieving the result, and doing what is required of them,
They still fail to reach the desired result
Because they again encounter the same barriers and difficulties in daily life,
Despite all the money, time and effort they put in.

המון תהליכים ביני לבין עצמי שלמדתי מסרטונים של מאמנים ומטפלים. תהליכים ותרגילים שלמדתי מספרים. קורס nlp, סדנה בלונדון של טוני רובינס, טיפולים פרטניים בשיטת המסע, טיפולים בשיטת nlp, טיפולים בשיטת 5 הגופים של ליאת דויטשר, תרגילים וטכניקות של אליהו שירי ועוד. ראוי לציין שכל הדברים שעשיתי ובמיוחד הרצון העז לשינוי כן שיפרו את מצבי אבל עדיין אני מוצא את עצמי נתקל באותם קשיים ואתגרים בחיי היום יום.

And they tell me it makes them feel frustrated and helpless,
And I understand them because it is really frustrating and discouraging that you try
Nothing else, and before anything you have hope… And boom! It is again
You shatter your face and you don't understand what the real problem is.


If that sounds familiar I understand that,
And this is what I tell them:
If you get stuck in an unwanted result after everything you did didn't help,
You have to understand The message The clear you need New solution And different.
Other Turn around In a frustrating loop andCompromise On of the result And about yourself !


What causes to you Stress and worry?

Is that a problem In relationships Do you exist or maybe you can't develop a relationship?
Maybe you're 'tearing' yourself off at work and not bringing enough Of money Home?
Or negative emotions like Anger, fear or anxiety Are you running?
Maybe Procrastination or lack of confidence or Adds assertiveness Are you arrested?
or Stuck In a particular area makes you feel blocked?
Maybe a sense of Loss of control What happens to you?

Or maybe you feel Lack of realization or Lack of joy in life


Imagine controlling your results And feel that your destiny is in your hands your.

The result This one We are aiming.


Before, let's find out what the consequences of not solving the problem are?

It is very important that you understand why you did not succeed today and what the good way is
most Solve the problem Once and for all, but a minute before, it's important
Even more you understand The consequences Of not solving the problem…


In my experience in the last 13 years, people who have a problem and do not solve it,
What happens is that problems don't go away on their own Aggravating and managing
We have life and they also have it Implications Serious in other areas of life…


Let's take a few examples

The one who fails to develop a relationship or goes from relationship to relationship
With men who disrespect or underestimate a
And tea And think something is wrong with her ...
And compromising herself!


Or the one that at the end of the month is in the harsh minus of NIS 13,000
Although he has been "tearing" himself at work for years, devoting himself to a boss or clients,
And the financial situation is only getting worse and is not bringing enough money home…
Then he thinks it's his destiny and agrees with Mr. his fate!


Or someone who repeatedly hurts the consequences of himself and the people he is
Most loved because it is dominated by anger or anxiety or fear And live
Feeling guilty ... and lack of self-actualization!


Or someone who sets himself a goal and time after time fails
Achieve it… or reach a point where it is no longer advanced
No matter how much he tries and what courses or consultants he takes… 
Then he raises his hands!


What is the That is shared It is to these people that at some point they are
Believers "Something about me is wrong" or "I don't deserve a loving partner
And respect "or" parity can't work for me "or" I don't deserve it
Be rich "or" I'm not good enough "and more ...

of such A complete lie By the way, but for them The truth!


The consequences Of these thoughts is that instead of solving the problem
It is pervasive Metastases And harms life More Like parity,
Relationships with children and family, work, health and more!

It is important Emphasize,
99% from chronic health problems originated from an untreated emotional problem…


When you understood The consequences of Non-solution of the Problem Come on We will solve the
This is once and for all and I'll immediately show you how and more than that, I'll order
you Experience a result demo That will amaze you Without any risk On your part,
Even before you commit to any process at all for you to be Sure
of such The right solution For you.


Let's focus on 2 facts:

1. Have tried some technique to change a particular result. 
2. It helped you partially or temporarily and you felt disappointment and frustration.

Then you tried another technique and the result was repeated ...

Then you tried another technique and the result was repeated ...

Then you tried another technique and the result was repeated ...

If the result is repeated, maybe the direction you went in is wrong?

And if you keep going in that direction, you will compromise on your outcome and experience
Persistent frustration because you'll probably never get what you want!


What you are missing is focus on the real problem!

The direction you went in Bsymptom of the Problem
instead of The real problem Which is ROOT of the Problem !

That is You did not solve the The reason To the problem.


To control your results it is imperative that you understand 2 things:

1. Fixed result change will not happen from solution For the symptom But rather only From solution to the Root The result.
(As Acmol can help with a headache but will not solve the migraine problem)

2. Each technique addresses the symptom andDon't give A to the Root The problem.
(I'll explain that later)

and hence
If you go in the same direction of techniques that are treating In symptom
You will (more or less) The same results and feel frustration and helplessness ...


Need to redefine the problem!

All techniques give a solution only For the symptom (In various hats and names)…

A For the symptom Can't solve the problem.
Every problem is solved when a solution is provided The reason for its existence (ROOT of your result).

So, if you want Control your results,
are you have to To change direction To a new road And different
Who gives to the Root Your resultupside down From others!


Stop now!

Did you realize that the reason for the blasts is treatment In symptom
Instead of the source of the problem - ROOT of the result ?

It is critical that you understand the truth because it is The key to change

You had no access to this truth and the revolutionary solution you will find out right away.


Let's dive into the solution The opposite From others

To achieve top decile results…