A revolution in personal development
A To the root cause To the problem creator Results Awe-inspiring !


Research discovery andThe Code Synchronizing™ revolutionary Reveal the Connection eREAL Time
between 2 Dimensions of the Mind

Allowing to achieve Results Awe-inspiring !

לתשומת לבך

What is the The most burning pain in your life ?


Really, what's the thing right now It hurts you in life:

(Choose the right answer for you)

1. I am under oppressive and ongoing stress
2. I do not have a relationship or my relationship is in crisis
3. I suffer from a health problem that I am unable to get rid of
4. I carry an extra 20-10 kilos and it lowers my self-confidence
5. I am confused, lack direction and do not find myself .. and feel a loser
6. I experience crippling anxieties and fears
7. Other blasts


And next to the pain there is Strong frustration, Right ?


If you are a graduate of different workshops Without satisfactory result

Have you ever asked yourself the following question:

"Why wasn't the problem solved?"


Because you had no solution complete solution For the reason The root For the result…


And until you have a solution complete solution For the reason The root As a result,
Your result You will not change Over time !


In front of you A complete solution ToROOT The result!


The Code revolutionary without me In Israel

release people Prison eStuck In an undesirable result…

And returns To them the Freedom Control the outcome !!






of the Problem

Because of her Stuck In an undesirable result Returning



Research Reveals: 99% of the time we are alive In the past !


תראה/י את הוידאו

0:18 minutes


The conclusion in the video:

"99% from what we see In the present projected From memory our…

Only 1% is added by our five physical senses in the present! "

~ Prof. Dr. Gerhard Roth - Brain researcher



That explains why we are Stuck

If 99% from time to time we are alive In the past,
How can we control In our present results ?!


And in addition…


It is common to think that thought creates reality!
The problem is that we are Do not attract what we want
But you Vibration frequency our…

Then Unlike From what is commonly thought thought Does not create Reality! 


of the Problem 95% from time She:

gap between The conscious will our To the unconscious belief .
That is, they are Not synchronized At the same energy.
And because That the belief of the subconscious strong Research A million times the conscious will…
Over time
we We will receive according to Law A result that matches 1: 1 the Belief of the subconscious…!


תראה/י את הוידאו

2:15 minutes


The conclusion in the video:

95% from life does not come voluntarily
But are usually programmed for restriction
And we are the only ones who do not see it! "

~ Dr. Bruce Lipton - Epigenetics





In front of you in the video The important skill alive !


תראה/י את הוידאו

6:59 minutes


The conclusion in the video:

"We are getting results Unwanted

Because we're 95% from time to time Not living in the present

And instead of reacting in the present to what is happening In the present

We respond to what happened In the past ! "



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most people Not aware Thatthe past Director Them in the present !

So because they are Did not learn the Life lessons their
They keep coming back In the same problems time after time





To solve a problem (As opposed to trying blur The symptom)
we need handle BROOT The problem…!



"Positive thinking at this level of consciousness Not enough To control the perception of reality, 
She should be In harmony (synchronization) With The subconscious our,
That is, should Change the entries from the past,
So the templates Subconsciously Will In harmony (synchronization) With the current perception (The conscious) Ours. "

~ Dr. Bruce Lipton, biologist and world-renowned cell researcher - Epigenetics



The discovery Revolutionary Of the last decade

of Studies in the field Neurology (brain research)
andEpigenetics (Outside gardens)


The root cause The result She

Synchronizing Energetic between our subconscious mind !!

Without him we are Stuck In unwanted results With Lots of frustration and pain…
Because Lack Energetic balance In the 3 levels of life: physical, mental and spiritual



A problem exists
there is no* Technique / method That can create Synchronizing Energetic between the subconscious mind.
* The reason is that each technique only treats In one The dimensions (conscious or subconscious) at one point in time.



this The reason That people get at best outcome partially

outcome partially In the business field Even though you did Professional competency courses…
outcome partially In the personal field Even though you did Various workshops for personal development ...



that's whatUnique The revolutionary solution
Developed by
ILay Michaeli


The Code without me In Israel L.ROOT of the result

Synchronizing The conscious andSubconscious !!


As seen in

ישראל היום, The Marker, הארץ, nrg


The Code


The 971 TP1T factor
Trademark No. 279397 .Trade Mark No

Synchronizing The "energy"unit"- Conscious + Subconscious
Trademark No. 279984 .Trade Mark No


What if it's Complete Solution Controllable In the results?


"Instead of reducing the number of employees ... I'm tripling ... what I haven't done in the last seven years" 
"My sensitivity threshold was sharpened ... and my ability to listen and embrace was strengthened by dozens of counters"
"My relationship with my wife went back to the early days we fell in love with ..."
"The freedom to choose what and how I want to feel and think is endless, amazing and fun without boundaries"
"The house is booming and the children are happy. The impact on the children is huge ..."


The control BThe Code The energetic synchronization ™ Exclusive In Israel
Will allow you to achieve Stunning results
Let them be excited You andWill surprise Those around you!



You have One-time opportunity experience In the technique Unique MThe Code The energetic synchronization
To experience the The power of the revolutionary process Exclusive In Israel
And get The result release Amazing negative emotions!
חץ למטה


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