הושלם 33%


גורם ה-97% מהפכה  בהתפתחות אישית



Want to control In the cause Cause The ruler Successfully your? 


גורם ה- 97%


Why are you here?


This is not a coincidence…


1. There is at least one area in your life where there is A negative result Template (repeating itself).

2. You have made a decision that you Must find solution.

3. The solutions you have found so far have been Only partial solutions.


You are here to receive

A revolutionary complete solution That allows Great results In a relatively short time!


מחקרים פורצי דרך מגלים: "כח בלתי נראה קובע את התוצאות שלך!"

שים/י לב

This power that 99% from the people Never knew was revealed now!


This power (factor 971 TP1T) Controls In your success!


Pay attention! You have A negative result Template (repeating itself)…?


Did it happen to you That you have progressed towards a certain goal, And after a while you returned To the starting point? And it repeated itself Again and again…

Or experience Stops / blasts At a certain result level, And no matter what you did… you could not move beyond?

Relationships… Money… Relationships… Career / Business… Health… Weight…


This template repeating itself Again and again As a guide disappeared?


Would you believe it is encoded in your DNA (genetic code)?


מדענים גילו שניתן להעביר זיכרונות לדורות הבאים ב- DNA שלנו

"Scientists have discovered that memories can be passed on to future generations in our DNA"

שים/י לב

Plus… now proven That your thoughts Can cause molecular changes specific to your genes!


מדענים סוף סוף מראים כיצד המחשבות שלך יכולות לגרום לשינויים מולקולריים ספציפיים לגנים שלך


"Scientists finally show how your thoughts can cause molecular changes specific to your genes"



The studies: Our unconscious limiting beliefs + of our parents are encoded in DNA And block our success!

שים/י לב

There is an old saying that says… "What you do not know can not hurt you."

Not true!

If you are not aware of the problem You can not solve it and change your result…!


of the Problem: Lack of synchronization Between what you want Consciously And DNA encoding (genetic code) Subconsciously your!


is a The hidden barrier to success…!


When to take care of In the hidden barrier With The appropriate tools Your result Will change!


Core concept

To improve results
We must first Remove The hidden barrier to our success:
Lack Synchronizing The "energy"unit"™ - conscious + subconscious


In front of you The only method of its kind in Israel Which helps to create A truly amazing and lasting change in the outcome!

this is different From Coaching, Scientology, Theta Healing, The Secret, Guided Imagery, Landmark, Silva, Reality Thought, NLP or others…

גורם ה- 97%

Synchronizing The "energy"unit"™ - Conscious + subconscious


ממש התחולל מהפך בחיי ...  האמת, במקרה הזה לא מצאתי בשפה העברית מילה שיכולה להביע עד כמה אני מודה לך. ממש התחולל מהפך בחיי...  - יצחק


Get a revolutionary solution One of a kind in Israel Necessary To control the perception of reality!


לאחר פגישות עם מומחי CBT, פסיכולוגים, מומחי EMDR, התוכנית הצליחה להביא אותי למצב נפשי, ערות ושליטה שאף אחד לא הצליח להביא אותי לפני כן.

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הושלם 33%


"The reason for the amazing results is A revolutionary method For energy synchronization By Techniques that synchronize 4 dimensions! "